TV Legend Norman Lear is Doing His Best to Promote Peter Brimelow and—Won’t You Help By Making a Tax-Deductible Contribution to
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Norman Lear's famous All In The Family satirized regular Americans with normal opinions’s 2014 Christmas Fundraising Appeal is underway. As one of’s regular columnists (Peter Brimelow claims I'm one the most popular) paid out of your donations—here’s my take on why you should help:

For me, Norman Lear and great American TV comedy are almost synonymous. Some of my fondest memories growing up involved watching shows he created and/or produced: All in the Family, Sanford and Son, Maude and Good Times.

When Norman Lear dies, I shall weep for him.

Lear’s most enduring creation was Archie Bunker, the lovable WASP bigot from Queens (where I have now lived for 20 years!).

What few people know is that Archie was based on Lear’s dear-old, Jewish dad.

Lear, a World War II veteran who is now 92, has since 1981 concentrated his energies on the Leftist organization he founded, People for the American Way (PFAW).

One of Lear’s PFAW subsidiaries is Rightwing Watch (RWW).

RWW has worked hard promoting, devoting no fewer than 11 items to us in 2014 alone. Its staffers spell our names correctly, and fill their PR items with long, loving, exact hyperlinked point-and splutter quotations from our works, letting their thousands of readers know about the important work we do.

And so, this Christmas/Chanukah/Kwanzaa season, raise a glass of egg nog or hot, spiced rum to Norman Lear, and please send a nice, fat (or as fat as you can muster) check to!

“God bless us, everyone!”

Thank you!


Nicholas Stix

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