The Fulford File, By James Fulford | Thanksgiving Roundup
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It's Thanksgiving again, and here's a roundup of all the Thanksgiving goodies, including some leftovers.

Michelle Malkin's Grace, Gratitude, and God At Thanksgiving,  and Joe Guzzardi's A Prayer On Thanksgiving For The Allan Wall Family, and Dr. David Yeagley's The High Road to Turkey: An Indian View of Thanksgiving

Then They Came For Thanksgiving, by yours truly, about the fact that, as Michelle notes this year, that Thanksgiving is starting to be under attack, just as Christmas is, for not being atheistic enough. As wrote as while back,

"There's a question on the Citizenship Test that you (used to) have to take to become an American citizen.

Who helped the Pilgrims in America?

…The "school solution" is Native American Indians…But the Pilgrims themselves would have said that "God Almighty" had helped them. Or possibly 'God's merciful Providence.'"

It's not just God they don't like, it's America: See War On Holidays Is War on America by Sam Francis,

View From Lodi, CA: Hot Chocolate For Thanksgiving! By Joe Guzzardi

A pure food column: the Pilgrims would have banned this as a sinful pleasure of the flesh.

Thanksgiving: The National Question Footnote

Ben Wattenberg: One gets the feeling that when the folks on the Mayflower went out to watch the next boats come in, they muttered to one another 'There goes the neighborhood.'

James Fuford: This happens to be true. And with reason. The Columbia Encyclopedia says that the second ship so taxed the resources of the infant colony that the Pilgrims almost starved.

Thanksgiving, Crazy Horse, Us

Chilton Williamson on what modern day native-born Americans might think of modern-day Mexican pilgrims:

Crazy Horse was a hero–for his own people. Americans need to find their own.

"What do you suppose Crazy Horse would say if he could witness the situation today?" I asked Ed.

He pondered, trailing one oar in the quickening water as the dory slid smoothly toward the head of a small rapid.

"'Good borders make good neighbors. Zapotec [Mexican] Indians heap bad medicine for the [American] Sioux?'" he suggested at last.

Thanksgiving Prayer 2002, by Michelle Malkin

Unabashed patriotism, unashamed prayerfulness.

O Father, we come to thee on this national day to join with heart and voice all the people of our blessed land to honor and thank thee.

Will Thanksgiving Be Hijacked as the Diversity Holiday? By Brenda Walker, on her own site.

Pressure On The Pot Peter Brimelow column from the London Times. First Thanksgiving in America for two pilgrims from Lancashire. Peter Brimelow explains Thanksgiving, and immigration, to the Times of London.

'We celebrate your ancestors, ' said one of the two American girls who lived across the corridor.

Well, perhaps. But not everyone is celebrating, so let me close with this quote: Why VDARE.COM / The White Doe?, by Peter Brimelow:

VDARE has come into existence because many great and developing issues of the day are no longer covered in the Establishment Media—whether liberal or "conservative."

However, you can sometimes see them naively reported in the local press. Thus Long Island's Southampton Press (Donna Giacontieri, Is Town Seal Offensive? September 24, 1999) has carried a story about a local version of the Virginia Dare phenomenon: the local "Anti-Bias Task Force" called on the town to abolish its seal, which depicts a Pilgrim and the words "First English settlement in the State of New York."

The grounds: it "features an offensive representation of one gender, one race and one historical period . . ."

"One historical period . . ."?

Yeah. It's called America.

And for that, we can be thankful.

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