The Enemy Within the Justice Department's Office of Special Counsel
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One of the Treason Lobby's flagship enterprises—the radical leftist National Immigration Law Center (NILC), whose raison d'etre for years has been suing the federal government—is getting free publicity from the U.S. Department of Justice.

The free publicity comes from a hyperlink to NILC's private web site from a ".gov" taxpayer-funded Department of Justice web page.

The home page for the Department of Justice Office of Special Counsel for Immigration-Related Employment Discrimination features logos and links to several other government agency web sites. But there's just one private web site listed—NILC.

After clicking on the NILC link, a government disclaimer appears:

"The Department of Justice takes no responsibility for, and exercises no control over, the organizations, views, accuracy, copyright or trademark compliance or legality of the material contained on this server."

But why link to the NILC from a federal web site at all?

If providing free internet advertising to the NILC doesn't show outright endorsement or cooperation by the federal government, at the very least it creates an "excessive entanglement" between the Federal government and the radical Left.

The NILC and its fellow travelers never met an illegal alien they didn't love, or a deportation enforcement provision that they didn't want eliminated.

Could the NILC be in cahoots with someone at the Office of Special Counsel?

Can anyone say "conflict of interest?"

Talk about the enemy within!

In fact, of course, this link is merely further proof of a favorite VDARE.COM theme: immigrants, like refugees, are part of a classic "iron triangle" of bureaucrats, interest groups and politicians, all working in alliance against the national interest.

It's time for someone at the Department of Justice to find out exactly how these radical leftist lawyers are managing to get free publicity on a government web site. readers are invited to help get to the bottom of this outrage. E-mail John Ashcroft at [email protected] or the Office of Special Counsel at [email protected]

Tell them that if DOJ is going to link to radical leftist lawyers, it might as well link to a thoughtful objective observer—like me!

Juan Mann [send him email] is a lawyer and the proprietor of

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