Senate Border Deal A Sell-Out, Of Course. But GOP/GAP Will Kill It
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The Senate’s much-anticipated border deal is finally here—and it’s as bad as we could’ve imagined. It does hardly anything about the border, while actually increasing legal immigration. It funds the corrupt NGOs that keep the invasion going and even provides lawyers for illegals—free of charge! The bill accepts that thousands will stream across our border every month. It only does something if the number exceeds a very high threshold, and even the action to stem the tide won’t do much good. It’s worse than no bill at all. One of the most obvious signs that it’s a bad bill: the immigration enthusiast Wall Street Journal calls it ”A Border Bill Worth Passing.”

Thankfully, many Republicans hate it and it has little chance of passage. But the proposal does reveal how much further the GOP must go to be a true America First party.

The border bill was intended to solve the Biden Rush. In the final months of 2023, Republican senators refused to fund Ukraine to force Democrats to make concessions on immigration. This move indicated a level of dedication to the issue that the GOP Establishment hadn’t displayed before. I praised this surprising outbreak of backbone. It was the first time the GOP had ever dared touch “national security” spending to do something about the border. But this bill wasn’t worth the effort.

Perhaps inadvertently, Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT) [NumbersUSA Rating F] explained better than any critic why conservatives should oppose the bill. He laid out the bill in detail in a thread on X. Here are the key portions highlighted:

  • 3/ A quicker, fairer asylum process. No more 10 yr wait. Claims processed in a non-detained, non-adversarial way in 6 months.
  • A slightly higher asylum screening standard at the border.
  • Also, no more waiting for work permits. Most asylum seekers can work immediately.
  • 4/ A brand new right to legal representation for all immigrants. Remember when Trump denied lawyers to victims of the Muslim ban? Never again.
  • the first ever government paid-for lawyers for young unaccompanied minors. A long standing injustice righted.
  • 5/ A requirement the President to funnel asylum claims to the land ports of entry when more than 5,000 people cross a day. The border never closes, but claims must be processed at the ports.
  • This allows for a more orderly, humane asylum processing system.
  • 6/ But... important checks on that power. It can only be used for a limited number of days per year. It sunsets in 3 years. Emergency cases that show up in between the ports still need to be accepted. The ports must process a minimum of 1400 claims a day.
  • 7/ You can’t reduce arrivals at the border without allowing for more legal immigration. So, more visas! 50,000 extra employment and family reunification visas each year for the next 5 years.
  • And a brand new visa category to allow non-citizens to visit family in the U.S.
  • 8/ A clarification of how humanitarian parole is used at the land borders, but NO changes to the President’s ability to bring in vetted, sponsored migrants through the program known as CNHV (Cuba, Nicaragua, Haiti, and Venezuela parole).
  • 9/ A new pathway to citizenship for Afghan parolees (the Afghan Adjustment Act) and the children of H1B holders (these kids are often currently subject to deportation when they become 21).
  • 10/ The bill helps fix the border and reform our broken asylum system. But it doesn’t deviate from our nation’s core values.
  • We are a nation that rescues people from terror and violence. We are a nation that is stronger because of our tradition of immigration. Period. Stop.

Murphy thus undermines GOP supporters of the bill claims about it. The chief Republican architect of the bill is Oklahoma Sen. James Lankford [NumbersUSA Rating A+ , but only on illegal immigration], long a target. He demanded more refugees during the Trump administration, tried to introduce an Amnesty for the agricultural industry, and has consistently been one of the squishiest Republicans on immigration in the Senate. Lankford desperately wants to convince conservatives that the bill is actually a serious border security measure. His strategy involves lying about the bill. Thus he claims the bill has been a victim of misinformation, insisting it would not allow 5,000 illegals a day into the country. The problem for him is that the bill specifically does that, as both the bill and Sen. Murphy make clear.

Under the bill, the border would “shut down” (in reality, just direct migrants to ports of entry) if it has a daily average of 5k migrant encounters a day. The “shutdown” would last until the daily average is brought down to 75% of the 5,000 average. These rules would allow for well over 100,000 migrants to illegally cross every month (and these numbers only include the ones they catch). It would only be an issue if the numbers exceed 150,000 a month.

But the measures would not be likely to draw down the numbers. Exceptions would still be granted to migrants who claim they feel very threatened and need to get in. Also, illegals could just go to a port of entry and get their asylum hearing date there. This is hardly a border security measure.

South Dakota Sen. Mike Rounds one-upped Lankford’s tactic by saying the criticism of the bill might be directed from Russia. “I suspect that a lot of the internet rumors are very well coming from overseas, where they would love to see this shut down because some people would rather not see funding for Ukraine,” he told Politico last week [GOP senators fear border deal may already be doomed, by Burgess Everett, January 30, 2024].

So Murphy highlighted some of the worst aspects of the bill, such as the fake shutdown threats, the increase in legal immigration, the free legal aid for migrants, and other such terrible proposals. But there are even more horrible aspects to the bill. It allows Biden to continue to parole as many would-be illegals as he pleases. It offers 250,000 work visas to the children of guest workers. It puts all judicial decisions on what’s included in the bill under the sole jurisdiction of the notoriously Leftist D.C. circuit. It doles out over $2 billion to the Treason Lobby “charities” involved in facilitating the invasion [Senate Releases Establishment’s Migration Bill, by Neil Munro, Breitbart, February 4, 2024].

But what may even be worse: how the bill cements the abuse of the asylum system to further the Great Replacement. The bill’s brilliant idea to speed up asylum claims is to put these decisions in the hands of asylum officers, many of whom would be Leftist bureaucrats and activists hired by the Biden Regime. Instead of rejecting most of the ridiculous claims of these illegals, many will be accepted and the illegals would officially be granted asylum status. This would give them a permanent basis in the country and make it much harder to deport. This bill would handcuff Trump’s ability to deport them if he becomes president next year. This is one of the chief reasons why this bill is worse than no bill at all [Senate Border Bill Would Upend US Asylum at the Border With Emergency Limits and Fast-Track Reviews, Associated Press, February 5, 2024].

It’s also pointless. President Biden could aggressively enforce immigration law right now if he wanted to. He could restore Remain in Mexico, make it easier to deport illegals, and unleash ICE without the need for congressional approval. This is all within his power.

But he doesn’t want to do any of these things. Instead, he wants a “bipartisan” compromise to give him political cover while continuing the Left’s chief goal of replacing the Historic American Nation. Biden can claim he solved the border crisis while allowing the invasion to continue on silently. Sadly, a number of Republicans are willing to give him what he wants.

The White Pill:  the reaction from conservative media and many Republicans. There is no support for this bill among conservative media, which is a significant contrast from the Gang of Eight Amnesty. Bill O’Reilly, Fox News’s biggest star at the time, along with many others endorsed that Amnesty [Bill O’Reilly endorses immigration reform, by Jonathan Easley, The Hill, June 21, 2013]. In Congress, it’s hard to find anyone besides a few Establishment GOP lawmakers who like this bill. House GOP leadership—including House Speaker Mike Johnson and Majority Leader Steve Scalise—say the bill will never get a vote in their chamber. Several lawmakers in the House are excoriating the bill [G.O.P. Backlash to Border Deal Reflects Vanishing Ground for a Compromise, by Annie Karni, New York Times, February 5, 2024]. Montana Sen. Steve Daines, the head of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, strongly opposes the bill. Senators Ted Cruz, Tommy Tuberville, and Bill Haggerty publicly assail it. Even Sen. John Cornyn, who is one of the least trustworthy Republicans in the Senate, says he has “serious concerns” with the bill [Sen. John Cornyn Raises ‘Serious Concerns’ with Senate Immigration Deal, by Matthew Boyle, Breitbart, February 5, 2024]. Nearly 20 Senators are already a “NO” on the bill.

Lankford is lobbying outside groups and lawmakers to endorse the bill. But he appears to be failing in this endeavor [Sen. James Lankford Begs for Public Statements Backing His Open Borders Senate Plan, by Bradley Jaye, Breitbart, February 4, 2024].

There are good, neutral, and bad takeaways from this fight.

  • The good

The Congressional GOP is still improving on immigration, despite this terrible deal. If something like this had been offered before Trump, it would’ve been probably accepted by the majority of the GOP. This violent reaction shows that they can no longer be duped by such stupidity.

  • The neutral

The bill also shows how extreme the Democrats have become. The paltry restrictions were the only thing they would agree to, even though they will not solve the border crisis. These negotiations prove it’s pointless to try to achieve “bipartisan” solutions on immigration. Republicans must act on their own.

  • The bad

This ridiculous deal shows how deluded many Republicans are. There are still way too many James Lankfords in the party. They truly believe that “bipartisan” compromises are the way to solve this problem. They’re also still eager to find ways to give their donors more access to cheap foreign labor.

RINOS like Lankford need to be primaried to send a message. The days of putting business first are over. The GOP/GAP’s emerging National Conservative base doesn’t want compromises or sellouts. It wants to put America first.

This bill fails to do that—and that’s why it will die.

Washington Watcher II [Email him] is an anonymous DC insider.

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