Samuel Huntington's Column on Immigration with a Comment by Peter Brimelow
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Peter Brimelow writes: Samuel Huntington, the eminent Harvard political scientist and a friend of VDARE, is one of a surprising number of established figures who have expressed quiet but total skepticism about current immigration policy. Others include diplomatist George Kennan, in his 1994 memoir Around the Cragged Hill and the late Lars-Erik Nelson, the New York Daily News columnist.  When the revolution comes, it will be total.

Huntington accepts here the conventional wisdom that a declining population necessitates immigrant workers. I question it. Technology and organization are substitutes for labor. That's why, here in the foothills of the Berkshires, we've just been plowed out of a New England snowstorm by one sixtyish man with a pickup truck, rather than dug out by fifty Mexicans with shovels.

Now, The Huntington Column...

February 07, 2001

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