Same Old, Same Old: Comprehensive Immigration Reform (a.k.a. Amnesty) Lies Intensifying Again
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Like generals preparing to refight the last war, Congress is lurching into another round of contentious debates over Comprehensive Immigration Reform (CIR) a.k.a amnesty for illegal aliens—notwithstanding the1986 amnesty fiasco, which legalized 3 million illegal aliens and attracted in another 12 million—possibly as many as 20 million—including children now preferred over our own kids under President Obama’s Dream Act Executive Order coup d’etat

Anyone traveling our highways, trying to negotiate our crowded cities, or failing to get services for anything from our governments at all levels knows we have done ourselves in by failing to curb unneeded, unnecessary immigration, both illegal and legal, for decades. 

But these Congressional generals are going back to tactics which got us into this fix, obfuscation about the true problem: lack of enforcement.

The January 28, 2013 Wall Street Journal’s page one story, “Immigration Debate Gears Up” tells us,


“Millions of illegal immigrants would be given a path to citizenship under provisions of an immigration overhaul fashioned by a bipartisan group of senators, an opening shot in what promises to be a fight in Congress this year.

The legislative framework, to be released Monday, also would add federal agents and equipment to strengthen the borders and tighten work rules to ensure employers hire legally.”

Similarly, the Washington Post’s (WAPO) page one January 28th story, “Bipartisan group of senators to unveil framework for immigration overhaul discloses


 “A key group of senators from both parties will unveil on Monday the framework of a broad overhaul of the nation’s immigration laws, including a pathway to citizenship for more than 11 million illegal immigrants.

The detailed, four-page statement of principles will carry the signatures of four Republicans and four Democrats, a bipartisan push that would have been unimaginable just months ago on one of the country’s most emotionally divisive issues.

The document is intended to provide guideposts that would allow legislation to be drafted by the end of March, including a potentially controversial “tough but fair” route to citizenship for those now living in the country illegally.

It would allow undocumented immigrants with otherwise clean criminal records to quickly achieve probationary legal residency after paying a fine and back taxes.

But they could pursue full citizenship — giving them the right to vote and access to government benefits — only after new measures are in place to prevent a future influx of illegal immigrants.

Those would include additional border security, a new program to help employers verify the legal status of their employees and more-stringent checks to prevent immigrants from overstaying visas.”

Of course, anyone who has been following the Obama Administration’s abysmal record of enforcing existing laws (too many unemployed Americans have had the time) will not be impressed with these promised tightened safeguards.

Ironically, the WAPO’s same day article “Maryland Dream Act Loophole increases costs for some Montgomery high schoolers” [

By Lynh Bui, January 27,  2013]tells us that

Because of wording in the [Maryland Dream Act], Montgomery County [illegal alien] students who are still in high school but want to take community college courses must pay nearly triple the rate their peers do. 

Bui’s reportorial is basically a pitch for more money for illegals, but it does unexpectedly mention Americans outside of Maryland:

For undocumented high school students, tuition and fees at Montgomery College will go from $445.20 for a three-credit course at the in-county rate to the out-of-state rate of $1,172.40

My emphasis.

The grabbing will never cease. And ordinary Americans will be the victims.

If you have not gotten wise to this Comprehensive Immigration Reform (CIR) scam by now, you have another chance to do so. The same old, same old stuff which came with the 1986 amnesty act is about to get perpetrated on you again, by the same crowd with the same promises, slightly upgraded in intensity and insincerity. 

Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice (or twenty times on enforcement) shame on me—and on all Americans knowingly or unknowingly in the thrall of giant employers, ethnic lobbies, religious crazies and empire-builders etc.

Our government has been sold out in pieces for decades to these same job-, culture-, and country-stealers. Enough!

Collins [email him] is a free lance writer living in Washington, DC. , is Co-Chair of the National Advisory Board of the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR).  However, his views are his own.

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