Sailer and VDARE.COM In NYT
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Steve Sailer's piece on Kerry's IQ has generated a lot of interest. Old Media: The New York Times's John Tierney mentions it, and us,  in a story called Secret Weapon for Bush?, October 24, 2004. New Media: #28 on the Daytop Top 40, with links around the blogosphere. (Two Blowhards,  Roger Schlafly, Pajama Journal,  John Ray, Wizbang)

Colby Cosh: "His finding? You guessed it—the Republican dummy is the smart one."

The Mighty Barrister: "here's an intelligent and comprehensive analysis of the similar tests taken by the two men, compiled by Steve Sailer."

Matt Welch writes on

Do You Care About the Candidates' IQs? Me neither. But for those who take nourishment from detailed political irrelevance, this Steve Sailer column is positively swimming in intelligence-test minutiae.

With all due respect to Welch, who can be a fairly bright guy, everyone is interested in Bush's alleged stupidity, and Kerry's alleged brightness, including the readers of Reason.Com's Hit and Run blog.

Saying we're not interested is like the "not interested in Bill Clinton's sex life" meme that was popular during his failed impeachment.

Yes, there were better reasons for impeaching him, but everyone was interested in his sex life.


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