"Follow the Money" to Oppose Home Depot!
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March 30, 2005

Reply From Home Depot

Consumer Affairs <[email protected]> wrote:

Date: Wed, 23 Feb 2005 12:35:33 -0500
Subject: Re: Home Depot boycott
From: Consumer Affairs

Thank you for contacting The Home Depot Customer Care.

We apologize you feel this way however at Home Depot we believe that diversity is the catalyst for innovative thinking, entrepreneurial spirit and new ways of building our communities. The greater the diversity of our people, the greater our ability to serve our customers and communities.

This partnership will help further The Home Depot's ongoing commitment  to create a high-performing, diverse workforce that meets the growing needs of its customers, partners and neighbors in communities across the country.

Day laborers who congregate in our parking lot do so without Home Depot's consent. We do not recommend that our customers employ, nor does The Home Depot, employ the day laborers who congregate in our parking lots.

To alleviate the situation in some areas, we have supported, along with other members of the community, the creation of Day Labor centers. The Home Depot is proud of it's involvement in finding innovative ways to address community concerns.

Thank you again for sharing your thoughts.



Customer Care Department homedepot.com 2011454

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