Mexico Will Take Back Texas—Unless You Help VDARE.COM!
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(Thom on Texas—scroll down past donate details.)

It's that time of year again.

It's Christmas.

Soon it will be New Year—and the end of fiscal 2005.

It's the season for VDARE.COM to run its annual War Against Christmas Competition, looking for the most outrageous attempt to abolish Christmas.

And it's also time for us to ask for money.

I don't like doing this. But my advisors tell us this because I still haven't developed the shamelessness necessary to build an institution.

Christmas appeals are a critical part of the non-profit world, just as Christmas sales are to commerce. People are in a holly, jolly mood. They are also thinking, with some corner of their minds, about the need to pay taxes on 2005 income and capital gains (remember, we can accept stock – see below).

Donations to VDARE.COM are tax-deductible. 

And we are indeed building an institution at VDARE.COM. Of course, we shouldn't have had to do it. Established foundations and media mouthpieces should have addressed the issue of nation-breaking mass immigration, both legal and illegal.

But they didn't. In fact, I founded VDARE.COM—after some testing, the first public announcement was emailed out on Christmas Eve 1999—because I and others had been extruded from one such media mouthpiece, and immigration criticism abandoned.

In a way, it's not surprising. It's a common observation in business history (I daylight as a financial journalist) that corporations don't survive "technological discontinuities"—a radical change in the markets they serve. Instead, new corporations come along.

I sometimes wonder what American think tanks, magazines, or even political parties will survive the radical changes looming because of our ongoing immigration disaster.

I am sure, however, that VDARE.COM will be ready.

But, in the short run, it means we have our work cut out for us at VDARE.COM. We have had to press fifty years of institution-building into just over five.

Fortunately, the internet makes miracles possible, and we now have hundreds of thousands of readers each month. But it takes relentless hard work—and money to pay our dedicated writers, and the many more we'd like to run.

In fact, the Christmas story is a heartening one for us at VDARE.COM. We posted a story about the War Against Christmas on Christmas Day 1999 (not sure how I managed that, the children were very small) and began our first War Against Christmas Competition in 2000.

At that time, no-one ever mentioned the subject and, in fact, the Establishment mouthpiece mentioned above dropped discussing it as soon as I was eliminated. Now, as I look at the emails coming in, I am simply amazed at how widespread the resistance to the Khristmaskampf has become—how many individuals are rebelling and demanding that stores not use the Christophobic "Happy Holidays" and that Christmas Trees be called, well, Christmas Trees. Several major media figures have taken up the cause, and even (wow!) a couple of politicians.

The battle has hardly been joined. But right now it looks as if the War Against Christmas could turn into perhaps the most extraordinary examples of cultural backlash since the anti-Vietnam War movement bumped Richard Nixon into the "win" column in 1968.

Modesty prevents me from claiming this was all due to VDARE.COM, although I do know that our wonderful readers have frequently emailed our Christmas material to the major media figures etc. in question. But I do think that we blazed that trail.

I also think that this is what will happen with the issue of mass immigration. Exactly as with the War Against Christmas, resistance to the Washington elite's "Abolish America" policy is now everywhere and shows every sign that it is about to break out of the control of the usual cultural police.

Again, I don't claim this is all due to VDARE.COM—or to my own immigration book, Alien Nation, published ten years ago this year. But the fact is, we were first, we were right, and we helped the process along by repeatedly breaking new ground about America's ongoing immigration disaster.

These are some themes that we hope to inject, in our viral marketing way, into public debate next year:

  • Reporting the proportion of new jobs going to immigrants. Native-born Americans are being crowded out by newcomers undercutting  wages and, in effect, stealing health and educational benefits for which the Native born pay—as shown by Edwin S. Rubenstein's VDARE.COM American Worker Displacement Index. (Much more on this in '06!)

  • Chronicling immigrant-imported corruption. As in Nicholas Stix' article on the NYPD scandal. (Just the beginning!)

  • Naming the guilty immigration enthusiasts. As in Bryanna Bevens' expose of the Western Growers Association. (And many others! Bryanna likes doing this).
  • Naming the guilty media mouthpieces. As in Joe Guzzardi's coverage of the Sacramento Bee/ Diana Griego Erwin scandal. (The list is endless!)

  • Offering solutions. As in Steve Sailer's buyout proposal for France's Muslims

Our Fall fundraising drive raised $16,000. We hope our Christmas Campaign will raise well over $30,000. (We'll need some big donors!) That will go a considerable way towards stabilizing VDARE.COM after a turbulent year.

If this works, I won't be bothering VDARE.COM readers until, oh, maybe Easter!

(There's a war against that too!)

  • We are delighted see donations of any size—$10, 100, $1,000, $10,000. But we do feel especially good about the larger ones!

  • Special to 2005! President Bush signed the Katrina Emergency Tax Relief Act, which effectively permits an individual to deduct cash contributions up to 100 percent of Adjusted Gross Income. THIS IS THE YEAR TO GIVE BIG! (Email [email protected] for details)

  • And don't forget - you can give stock! You could help us more at no cost by avoiding capital gains tax! (Email [email protected] for details)
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