Patriots Rout Black Lives Matter in Berkeley Springs WV!
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On Friday August 21st, the Berkeley Springs Allies, a local Leftist organization, scheduled a Black Lives Matter rally to “support community members of color” [County to close courthouse early Friday amid plans for downtown rallies,   Morgan Messenger, August 24, 2020].

Interestingly, the town of Berkeley Springs WV is only 0.82% black.

Members of the community quickly voiced their concerns online of rioting and looting in the town, as seen for the last three months across America. But unlike Portland, Chicago, or New York City, locals across Morgan County didn’t sit by as Marxist insurgents took over the town. The Mountaineer Warrior Alliance, a motorcycle club, called upon all local patriots, motorcyclists, and Back the Blue supporters to defend the American Flag from public desecration. Approximately 500 protesters flooded Berkeley Springs State Park. The overwhelming majority (as in 90%) attended to counter-protest Black Lives Matter.

One BLM activist and local nuisance, Ted Stein, took to Twitter after the protest to smear as the counter-protest organizers, a lie for which of course he offered no evidence.

Though has nothing whatever to do with any aspect of the events that night, we did send a video crew to capture what went on and gather interviews. What did we see?

There was no violence. But as soon as the Black Lives Matter rally began, counter-protesters successfully drowned out their speeches with chants of “USA! USA!,” “All Lives Matter” and the National Anthem played over a loudspeaker.

Eventually, BLM gave up and went home.

Anarcho-Tyranny has been routed in Berkeley Springs WV!

Watch below:

[Originally a YouTube video, but now, since YouTube banned us, on  Bitchute.]

Noah Arnold [email him] is a full time video producer working with deplatformed personalities across the dissident right.


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