New! Special VDARE.COM anthology issue of The Social Contract Magazine!
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SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT:  The current issue of the quarterly magazine The Social Contract, entitled "Mass Immigration and The National Question", is entirely devoted to reprinting a selection of VDARE.COM articles. It includes my Vanderbilt University address "Borders, Walls, Nation-States and Property Rights" and "Time To Rethink Immigration II", my update of my 1992 National Review cover story written as the Senate passed the disastrous S.2611 bill last year. Other VDARE.COM writers include Bryanna Bevens, Donald A. Collins, Marcus Epstein, James Fulford, Peter Gadiel, Dave Gorak, Joe Guzzardi, Edwin S. Rubenstein, Steve Sailer, Linda Thom, Brenda Walker, Allan Wall, David Yeagley. Ideal for reading in bed or for spreading the word to internet-challenged friends!

To receive the special VDARE.COM issue of The Social Contract with a donation of $50.00, please make a donation and email [email protected] specifying that you would like this gift and giving us the mailing address you would like it sent to. Also available: 3 copies for a $75 donation or 5 for $100.

(Click here for VDARE.COM's 2004 Anthology)

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