Mexican Smugglers Seize U.S. Territory—MSM (And Bush Administration, Needless To Say) Asleep
Print Friendly and PDF note: Readers are aware of how much we like to publish what the MSM is too politically correct and cowardly to report. This PowerPoint slideshow from NumbersUSA is an example of exactly that.

What is this un-reportable information? That there are armed and dangerous foreigners manning Listening Posts and Lookout Posts (LP/OPs) for at least 200 miles into US soil. They are heavily armed Mexicans, with military and police training, who have invaded and occupied southern Arizona to protect drug runners—who are also, of course, illegal alien smugglers. And we have the pictures to prove it.

[Click to see full-sized version]

After working with several federal agencies in addition to documenting the details and locations of the LP/OPs itself, NumbersUSA tried to interest MSM outlets in the story—like, specifically, Dateline, FOX News, and the Washington Times and Lou Dobbs to name a few.

None – not even Dobbs – bit.

The obvious question is: Why not?

We're not sure. But we're also not scared. Click the link here to download the PowerPoint Slideshow, [NB: It's 68 Megabytes, so if you have dial-up, forget it! But it does look and function better as PowerPoint than as a web page.] or click the link here to view the slideshow in HTML.

Now available as a YouTube video.


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