McConnell's Farewell
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VDARE readers may notice that I'm no longer on the masthead.  Nothing too dire has happened; I've decided to devote myself more fully to a book I've wanted to write for some time.  After a long excursion in opinion journalism, in which I've written nothing longer than an occasional 6000 word article and usually much shorter pieces, I want to try to produce something of greater heft and shelf-life.  (I have written one previous book, Leftward Journey: The Education of Vietnamese Students in France 1919-1939 a variation of my doctoral dissertation – on the French effort to "assimilate" elite students from their colonies. I judged their effort more failure than success, a prelude perhaps of my subsequent deviation from neoconservatism.) 

I have every confidence that VDARE with Peter Brimelow at the helm will make waves, provoke controversy, all the things a good webzine must do in an ideologically conformist age. And perhaps he will see fit occasionally to post my NY Press column. 

February 13, 2001

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