Martin Luther King Day Competition (late, but wotthehell)
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After the gratifying response to our War Against Christmas Competition, we just didn't get around to this year's Martin Luther King School Brainwashing Prize. So many targets, so little time! However, MLK Day got around to us. A VDARE reader writes that his 8-year old daughter came home from school to report a special presentation, by an alleged victim, on King and segregation – after which the children were told by their teachers that any reservations by parents were to be IGNORED. This inspired him to some Internet research.

The Educational Establishment has turned January into a period of heavy Martin Luther King indoctrination

Typical lesson plans envisage brainwashing by setting the students to revile one particular segment of the class. Blue-eyed children recur as popular targets.  (Scroll down to "Citizenship/ Role-Playing.") There are a great many similar sites on the web. Uniform indoctrination is facilitated greatly by the Internet.)

The effect is to whip up hatred against Southerners and therefore the Founding Peoples generally; and to trigger anxiety, stress and guilt amongst such groups.

Of course no contradiction is allowed.

However, what the Internet takes, it can also give back. At least those not imprisoned by Hate Speech filters can find the truth. 

Of course, dissent from MLK-worship is wildly unpopular. So some of the sources here are sternly right-radical, and all are unfashionable. [VDARE's position: truth is an absolute defense.]

A good starting point:  This has the powerful Kevin Strom article also found here, and some of Senator Jesse Helms' courageous Congressional Record insertions also found at here.

Another wonderful but sadly unfinished project linked here deals with King's astonishingly extensive plagiarism, which, apart from his brutality to women, is probably the failing most likely to distress his admirers. 

This subject was of course brilliantly opened by Theodore Pappas' book Plagiarism and The Culture War: The Writings of Martin Luther King, Jr., and Other Prominent Americans.

Another excellent statement of the anti-King case is by Sam Francis.  (Francis of course deserves much of the credit for the construction of the Helms statement.)  Note also the trenchant introduction to the Council of Conservative Citizens group of postings.

Happily, the managers of the Great Martin Luther King Scam have a quite different but increasing problem: the indignation of the radical Left. Their position is that King was so a Marxist socialist (good) and enemy of the US Cold War effort (fine), whose womanizing merely proves his vitality (who cares – it's private). A good statement of this view, with the added ingredient of black supremacism, is Michael Eric Dyson's remarkable 2000 biography I May Not Get There With You: The True Martin Luther King, Jr.

For two other examples of the genre, more concerned with leftist rather than racial objectives, click here and here.

These contributors are extremely valuable. Of course, they have better Big Media access than critics from the right. But, just as important, they have the facts, which can be accepted: King was a man of the Left, an enemy of his country in its most threatened hour, and a man whose personal lifestyle matched more closely that of the bohemian fringe than that of the country as a whole.  Michael Eric Dyson is quite justified in his angry protests that the over-publicized key passage of the Dream speech, about a color-blind society, in no way represented King's strategic objectives. He provides a valuable antidote to the opportunism of the neoconservative nomenclatura.

The simple fact is that our schools are terrorizing and intimidating our children with a set of assertions based on a lie. The objective is not, and is not intended to be, in the interests of what the authors of the Constitution described in their opening sentence as "ourselves and our posterity."

Obviously it is absurd to worship a man who needs his FBI tapes banned from public view. (A brief insight). 

Perhaps our grandchildren will laugh at us in years to come - IF  the record is ever unsealed.

More likely they will despise us.

There remains the question of King's religious role, which furnished him such credentials.

Churchgoers, dubious about King's apparently approaching canonization, should tax their ministers with this most remarkable contribution by an African American woman. She asks: Was Dr Martin Luther King Jr. A Christian?

The answer is no.

January 28, 2001

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