MAD MONEY Host Jim Cramer Blows Whistle On Immigration’s Effect On Jobs and Americans’ Welfare
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It’s hardly surprising that the Main Stream Media refused to mention the immigration invasion as a key reason for the failure of Lyndon Johnson’s “War On Poverty.” But there’s a glimmer of hope: TV host and financial journalist Jim Cramer is making the case for putting American workers first:

The United States needs to focus on getting jobs for U.S. citizens instead of hiring immigrants and making deals with other nations for cheap labor, says Jim Cramer, host of CNBC's "Mad Money."

"Can we just help people get jobs who live here? We have so many problems in our country."

"To me, this is so basic. We obviously should be taking care of our own. We're Americans. Like, why can't we take care of Americans? And how did that get to be bad?

"Like, I'm trying to figure it out. How did it get to be bad that we should be thinking about the people who were here first before we start worrying about the people coming in?

"Tell me how the people coming in create jobs?""[Links added]

[Jim Cramer on Immigration: Take Care of U.S. Citizens First, by Bill Hoffman,, January 13, 2014]

After years of denial because of the incestuous relationship between the MSM and our power elite, it’s about time someone with a top-ranked show tells it like it is. Cramer cut through the gatekeepers of the cheap labor importers, job exporters, ethnic tribalists, and religious hypocrites to speak out for Americans first!

Furthermore, Cramer pointed out how our so called leaders are putting America Last when it comes to our trade policies with China. He also notes how even saying this opens him up to retribution.

Cramer challenged current U.S. policy on two hot-button issues.

"These ideas of unlimited free trade with the Chinese and unlimited immigration have somehow become good, and I question that.

"By questioning that, there's a lot of people who are going to gun for me, but, at a certain point, we can't care. We have to look ourselves in the mirror."

Cramer, who also co-hosts CNBC's "Squawk on the Street" and is author of the new book, Jim Cramer’s Get Rich, Carefully says no one ever questions the "orthodoxy" of immigration.

"We all decided immigration's great. We have a series of trade deals that we've made with trading partners, including . . . major countries — Korea, Mexico — where we've gotten completely pantsed" Cramer said.

"We've just done terribly. None of these places do we ever have hope of even having a surplus. They've all used our markets as dumping grounds, but free trade is another religion.

"We ought to be rethinking things, because we're not creating jobs, and maybe there's something bigger at work than the minimum wage and the unemployment benefits."

Cramer is known for his high-volume, in-your-face, confrontational style. And he certainly delivered! He said that Americans have been “pantsed” (which is what happens when someone grabs your trousers and pulls them down around your ankles). That’s certainly a pithy description of the fate of the average American, who is suffering as one percenters and "Economic Royalists" have concentrated the country’s power and wealth.

Cramer’s brand of common sense views are regularly portrayed as being “anti-immigrant” or caricatured as supporting protectionist, punitive tariffs. However, as Cramer has pointed out in both cases, we have reached limits, gone beyond reason, and sacrificed the welfare of our own citizens to subsidize selfish special interest groups.

The American government shouldn’t exist just to distribute goodies to favored ethnic tribes and religions.

The Cramer interview is unique—but hopefully a sign of things to come. He is a fixture on CNBC, a station that represents American business and is closely followed by many investors. In addition, Today Show host Matt Lauer often has Cramer featured to explain economically important stories.

Is this a crack in the corporate media dam that holds back the truth about mass immigration?

The MSM may have refused to  connect the dots between the immigration invasion and the failed War on Poverty, but the waters of truth are rising.

In the end, no amount of fear and intimidation can hold back Cramer’s commonsense message: take care of citizens first!

Donald A. Collins [email him], is a freelance writer living in Washington DC and a former long time member of the board of FAIR, the Federation for American Immigration Reform. His views are his own.

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