Lydia Brimelow: Moving to a New Microphone—Help Fund My New Project Ideas!
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We’re over halfway through our fundraising, but we still have more than $33k to bring in before we can move on to launching our exciting new projects. While we wait with eager anticipation for that funding, I wanted to bring to your attention a recent project that launched – quietly, without fanfare and with no overhead. The success it has seen may surprise you.

It’s no secret that the war for American identity is largely fought online. It may be, as Editor Peter Brimelow keeps saying, that we will see this struggle play out in real battles with real blood in the relatively near future. But for now, we wage war for the hearts and minds of individual Americans online and through our publications and speeches. On one side is the Main Stream Media (MSM) and on the other, the truth. And while some out-of-touch Conservative Establishment types may wring their hands and reproach themselves for not “producing culture” that can compete with Hollywood, Disney and the general vulgarity of modern popular discourse, we at know that what is more effective than somehow stick-handling a conservative movie star into public awareness is by moving to a completely different microphone.

That’s our aim here: we don’t want compromise with the Treason Lobby. We want to replace them.

To that end, stand out as America’s voice on Patriotic Immigration Reform. We will never back down. We will only get louder. We will win.

Yes, our main effort is journalism, and our site is text-heavy. We think that’s right. We’re aiming at the top of the intellectual food-chain.

On the other hand, the meme wars are real, and we’ve dipped our toe into that fray through strategic use of succinct messaging and images. Here are some examples of our most viral efforts:

All in all, this campaign (on Twitter only) produced 305,412 impressions, with 9,803 engagements including 1,625 likes and 841 retweets. The top three tweets were:

Now, let me put this in perspective. These images are compelling and creative. They have a single message and that message is communicated effectively.

But here’s the thing: they were produced by a volunteer with no graphic design or marketing experience, with no background in social media management or “memetic warfare” as the experts call it. There was no financial investment in this effort at all.

Frankly, we would have seen a lot more success if any of those variables—design, marketing or social media expertise—had been engaged.

That’s a microcosm of the way operates. We pack a very big punch for a very little investment. We’re scrappy, and we always will be. Because our goal is no less than to save America from the terminal consequences of mass immigration, it is in our best interest to stretch every dollar to the limit.

Of course, the more dollars we have, the more stretching we can do!

There are many, many projects on my backburner these days that I simply cannot execute without proper funding. In order to do them with integrity, I need your help.

The faster we can launch the Book Club, lock in the 2018 Conference and unveil merchandise—ETC! ETC! —the faster our audience will grow, our community of patriots will strengthen and our voice, your voice, will be heard.

Please donate today to get the show on the road!

Lydia Brimelow with daughter Felicity.Lydia Brimelow [Email her], pictured right with daughter Felicity,  is Chief Advancement Officer for


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