Less Than $3,000 To Go! Help Us Finish VDARE.com’s Spring Fundraising Drive!!
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Editor Peter Brimelow’s daughter Karia is delighted to hear that VDARE.com has almost made its $30,000 Spring Fundraising target!


Earlier: Karia wondering if things aren’t so bad after all


Even earlier: Karia reacting to news that VDARE.com’s 2014 Spring Fundraising had stalled.


Even earlier: Karia slightly mollified by belated Fundraising Appeal’s encouraging start.


The Beginning: Karia being told that VDARE.com missed its Spring Fundraising drive.

Great news! I heard today that, including snailmailed checks to date, VDARE.com’s Spring Fundraising Appeal—delayed because the site was (is) undergoing a technical overhaul—has raised just over $27,000, very close to our $30,000 goal.

Please keep up this momentum—give (tax-deductibly) now!

With just $3000 more, we can again focus full-time on combatting the Treason Lobby’s drive to get its Amnesty/ Immigration Surge through before Congress goes into recess in August.

More important, we can continue to publish the facts and develop the concepts that will, in the end, allow America to go on the offensive and bring this long immigration nightmare finally to a close.

We are profoundly grateful to our readers for their continuing loyal support.

The amount of money VDARE.com raises and operates on is miniscule compared to the astounding sums currently being raised and spent in electoral contests around the country. (And these are just the primaries).

But we know the money is material to our readers. And it’s very material to our writers.

Money is our secret weapon. Our writers are patriots and would publish their facts and analyses exposing the Main Stream Media/ Treason Lobby for nothing. But they have families to feed.

This is why so many excellent patriot blogs burn out.

And money spent on VDARE.com goes vastly further than money spent on political campaigns.

We write about the ideas that underlie politics—and ultimately shape them. Vast sums are spent on TV attack ads, but they are all strikingly dependent on working with (and around) ideas—and even “killer words” like “liberal” and “amnesty”—that have already been accepted by the American people.

VDARE.com has a grass-roots strategy. We make facts and arguments (and “killer words”) available to American patriots for free. We are delighted to see them surface in Town Halls and on the comment threads. But we need your help to do it.

Let me finish on a personal note. I am occasionally teased for running pictures of my children (and dog and cats) in VDARE.com’s fundraising Appeals.

Actually, I do it because I like doing it. In fact, here’s a picture of Karia’s sister, Felicity:


Karia’s sister Felicity, feeling excluded

But these pictures do make a serious point.

Karia will be two next week. Felicity will be four in August. They will still be young women in 2040, when whites—a.k.a. the people known as “Americans” until the 1965 Immigration Act—will be driven into a minority if current government policy continues.

What kind of America will this be for them?

I don’t want them to be forced to find out.

We need to raise $30,000less than $3,000.

Please help us now.

I (and my daughters, to say nothing of my wife) will be most grateful.


Peter Brimelow


Earlier: PB recuperating, with Ulrich von Dog

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