Juan Mann's Predictions for 2003
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In 2002, immigration reformers abolished the INS, stopped the illegal alien amnesty train, and blew the whistle on the State Department, the INS and the EOIR Immigration Court bureaucracy.

But, as the gap widens between public and "elite" opinion on immigration policy, the reformers must again take the initiative in 2003.

The primary goal: getting out the truth. And as more people realize every day, the truth about massive legal and out-of-control illegal immigration is readily available on the internet, talk radio, Fox News and The Washington Times. Get it while you still can.

My predictions:

In 2003…

  • The truth about illegal alien in-state college tuition, illegal alien driver's licenses, illegal alien "Matricula consular" identification cards, and illegal alien two-nation bank accounts will become increasingly unavoidable. All subvert the sovereignty of the United States.

  • Americans, and perhaps even Drug Czar Walters, will realize that the Bush Administration's plan to give Mexican trucks full access to the roads of the United States will make it easier for smugglers to bring illegal aliens and drugs to YOUR door.

  • New York City and the entire state of California (always the trend-setters, you know) will be the first to implode from immigrant-exacerbated budget crises.

  • The Bush-backed illegal alien amnesty for Mexicans, much less illegal alien amnesty for all, is doomed. The immigration enthusiasts' fall-back position: undeclared "stealth" amnesties. American citizenship further cheapens. The Constitutional distinction between citizens and persons—as well as the intuitive distinction between legal and illegal— will be all but abolished.

  • Even Soldier of Fortune magazine will join in getting the word out about the illegal alien invasion. Public opinion will swell in support of putting troops on our border.

  • Peter Brimelow and VDARE.COM will continue to be in the forefront of truth-tellers on the internet, running rings around censored mainstream media. [Peter Brimelow comments: (embarrassed cough!)]

  • Columnist Michelle Malkin, author of Invasion will get to say "I told you so" again and again as illegal alien Beltway sniper John Lee Malvo makes his way through the court system.

  • Terry Anderson, the tell-it-like-it-is host of the internet's most unique radio show on the illegal alien invasion, will still be mad and paying attention.

(Dreaming starts here!....)

  • Following the lead of Policy Chief Mann, Congress will abolish the EOIR - or at least revive the mandatory detention of criminal aliens by revoking the authority of the Attorney General's EOIR immigration judges to review immigration bonds.

  • Rio Grande freezes over.

Juan Mann [send him email] is a lawyer and proprietor of DeportAliens.com.

January 01, 2003

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