Help Fill's Christmas Stocking!
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Felicity Deonne

It’s been a couple of years since we’ve had to do this. But our Christmas Fundraising Drive—after a heartening start, thanks to some loyal readers—has completely stalled.

Unless things improve dramatically, I will be compelled to close to emphasize the seriousness of the situation. absolutely depends on funding from its readership—from YOU! The Politically Incorrect facts and analyses that we publish will not appear in the corporate Main Stream Media, or anywhere that commercial advertising agencies can influence.

I know this is a distracting time. I just spent Saturday taking my two little daughters to see Santa and getting in our Christmas Tree.

And I know it’s an expensive time—but remember, giving to is tax-deductible and there are only 23 tax-deductible days left in 2013.

Plus I know that has been disrupted by technical problems over the last few days. This is because we are testing new software including some that will enable donors to access our articles even when the site is blocked—something we’ve been asked for repeatedly.

In the end, this sort of technology will liberate professional journalism from the Establishment gatekeepers. But, alas, it’s not ready yet.

So it depends on you.

I hate closing even for a day. Tonight I was going to post Federale’s analysis of the Obama Administration’s packing Department of Homeland Security with Amnesty attorneys. We have articles by Allan Wall, Thomas Martel, Don Collins and more on the Mandela myth, all in the pipeline. We’re about to start our War On Christmas Competition. And much, much more is planned.

But we pay writers. We can only do that with your help. Please give generously—and let’s get back into the fray.


 Peter Brimelow


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7. Anything (not just books) that you buy through a Amazon link helps us and costs you nothing.

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