Drew McDonald: Suggestions That Hopefully May Help Prevent Another Attack
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Drew McDonald writes:

While I already have a copy of Alien Nation and Peter Brimelow was gracious enough to respond to my letter, I'll respond to your column's contest with a couple of immigration policy suggestions that hopefully may help prevent another attack.

First, for the foreseeable future, no visas of any kind to anyone from Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, Jordan, Egypt (yes, them too), Algeria, Libya etc. Let the universities tighten their belts. Who knows - they even have to force some '60s radical phonies into retirement without those Arab students on campus paying full tuition. A necessary secondary step would be a systematic process of ensuring that those currently here on student or travel visas actually leave (I'm going to be naive and assume we can find the vast majority of them).

Second, a thorough re-write of the current immigration law. I support a skills-based system with an adjustable quota with an annual maximum (including refugees) of 250,000. I would also weight English language proficiency higher than other selection criteria, thus creating a national origins bias. Other provisions of the new law would include a tight limit on family, to say parents only. The days of mass family reunification need to end.

Third, a constitutional amendment to ban birthright citizenship. There are literally millions of illegal Hispanics here who have produced a child-citizen and just know that the do-gooder gringos will not separate mama from nino.

Fourth, the creation of an internal enforcement contingent either within or separate from the current INS. I hate the idea of more federal employees but we need guys who are going to show up and knock on the kitchen door of the Chinese restaurant and demand proof of work documents. In other words, we need the manpower to engage in large scale sweeps for illegals. We all know where they are.

Fifth, a computerized entry/exit system that will at least be able to let law enforcement answer the question: "Is Mohammed Atta still in the country?"

Sadly, I'm afraid that only number five has any real chance of becoming law. But keep up the good work.

Drew McDonald

October 10, 2001

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