Christmas Is Coming! - VDARE.COM Is Still Lean!
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[VDARE.COM note: Bryanna's appeal has inspired our readers to respond gallantly - but we are still a long way from meeting our goal. This has been a year of great institutional change for VDARE.COM and we need your help to stabilize again. Tonight, besides the blog, we have Edwin S. Rubenstein's trademark combination of facts and analysis, demonstrating that Americans are not failing educationally - but that national performance is being swamped by imported lower-performing immigrants. Scroll to end...past DONATE LINK and Bryanna's picture.]

If we can learn anything from the verdict in the O.J. Simpson case it is that suspense is completely overrated.

Bearing that in mind, today I want to talk about money.

It is important to note that I am talking about your money.

DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT ESCAPING! I will go on with my plea...and I reserve the right to evil-eye any would-be absconders.

As you know, it is a never-ending struggle for us here at VDARE.COM to stay alive among the bushel of groups on the scene today that all compete for the same activist dollars.

Although we are pleased to do it, our policy of publishing the more candid material which is to say, the whole story or I don't know…the truth…is considered in poor taste to the minds of some Establishment funders.

Obviously, they prefer mindless gobbledygook—the immigration stuff that mainstream rags seem obliged to run because it comports with the manifest complacency rampant among our peerless leaders today.

Side note: The people who like to call the Minutemen vigilantes…yeah, those nut jobs.

Let's see…I was going somewhere with all this…oh yeah, WE NEED YOUR MONEY!! is a vigilante or maverick media faction. We take risks. We don't have Establishment backers. Our fundraising campaigns involve an element of crisis—because we are always in crisis, trying to build in five years what former risk-takers have taken fifty to achieve.

I am obviously using the definition of vigilante and maverick exploited by the aforementioned peerless leader.

Hmm…even if our only purpose in life was to educate that peerless leader, I would still describe our need for donations as a crisis.

But that isn't our only purpose…well, it's on the to-do list but we have bigger issues right now.

These are issues that involve our readers—and not just their pocketbooks but also their time.

Immigration reform has reached a critical turning point and the sense of urgency involved is shall we say…threat con delta.

Last week, a gaggle of politicians took to the House floor and pontificated for hours about the various amendments proposed for the famous Sensenbrenner bill.

In all, there were 13 amendments and the bill passed.

In the end, the Border Protection, Antiterrorism and Illegal Immigration Control Act of 2005 (HR4437) looks something like this:

  • It would criminalize "illegal presence" in the United States

  • Require businesses to verify the status of all 147 million U.S. workers

  • Deport violators immediately

  • Deputize local sheriffs along the border to arrest illegal immigrants

Additionally, HR4437 says no more money for sanctuary cities—that means ya'll, New York and San Francisco.

These so-called sanctuary cities choose not to report illegal aliens to the proper authorities.  As a result, this bill will no longer reimburse them for incarceration costs they incur for illegal aliens.

This is being celebrated as a great victory for those of us in the reform movement.

Sure it is…in a Thomas Dewey kind of way.

First of all, this bill may never make it through the Senate. And even if it does, Bush II will likely play trump with a veto, ok?

El Presidente has made it clear—many times over—that he will reject any bill that does not include a guest worker program.

Secondly, during last week's kafuffle, the Republican leadership did not allow two issues to come up for vote during the debate:

  • Birth-right citizenship

  • Guest worker programs

Alright…now we get to the part where our need for urgency is most apparent.

At the last minute, Congressman Jeff Flake (R-AZ) tried to sneak some language into the bill about guest worker programs.  The Republican caucus rebelled and, eventually, the powerful Rules committee did not allow the amendment.

In my humble little opinion, this is very, very important. 

The Rules Committee is chaired by one of the most vocal proponents of amnesty, I mean guest worker legislation—Congressman David Dreier (R-CA).

How is this significant? It means there are a whole lot more of us then there are of them, my friends.

For some political reason (guess what?), Dreier allowed the language to be killed. And this gives me hope…great hope.

If you favor reform, this should give you hope as well. This news should also inspire our troops to fight even harder.

In February, Congress will look at two important pieces of legislation—legislation that does address things like, guest worker programs.

1. The McKennedy Bill

This bill would allow 400,000 workers (aka people from Mexico) to come over each year and do…I don't know…whatever they want. 

Oh yeah! And they have to pay a fee and maybe back taxes (if they've been here illegally…yeah, if) before they can apply for the program.

Uh-huh…millions of people are just going to up and pay a bunch of money and go through the paper mess over at Immigration because why? 

Why should they? What is the consequence if they don't?

Ah that's right…nothing!

Basically, the McKennedy program involves approximately umm, zero people and accomplishes umm, zilch.

If for no other reason, I would ask you to donate money so we can try to pay these two statespersons off—pay them off to just resign their office and spend the remainder of their double-crossing days in a place more suitable for their ethics…such as, Siberia.

2.  The Corny-Kyl Bill

This beauty comes to us from Senators Jon Kyl of Arizona and John Cornyn of Texas.

A tad more restrictive, this bill asks the workers to actually leave the country before they apply for a guest worker visa.

You know how there are three options for voting on the floor? There is 1) yea, 2) nay and 3) abstention.  This bill makes me wish there was also 4) this bill is so stupid I can't believe we pay you option.

So here's the deal:

We have made great progress here, people.

We have everybody talking about the issue. We have everybody talking about the potential problems that certain politicians face should they choose to ignore the demands of their constituencies.

The demands that say, as George Putnam always says "We're mad as Hell and we're not going to take it anymore."

It is more important than ever that we keep the pressure on these guys in Washington.  Yes, they have tackled certain areas of immigration reform and maybe we can all claim victory…next year.

But the fight isn't over. The big issues—birth-right citizenship and guest worker/amnesty programs—are coming up in two short months.

Help us keep their feet to the fire.  Help us get the right message to Washington:

No more anchor babies! No more amnesty!

And, ultimately, No more (or a lot less) legal immigration!

We can't do it without you….

Many of you have been in this fight from the very beginning. 

It would be more than heartbreaking for us to lose in the end simply because we grasped at the first thing that vaguely resembled a brass ring.

Let's keep working for the real thing.

And a Merry Christmas.

Ciao for now!

P.S. You've noticed that the War Against Christmas, featured on VDARE.COM since 2000, is everywhere this year—and a lot of people are claming credit. Peter Brimelow says he's really happy for them, but I say men are wimps. Still, with luck the same people will be claiming the credit for immigration reform in five years time—if VDARE.COM can keep making the case for it now.


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