Chavez: The End!
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January 10, 2001, 04:00 PM
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The Bush administration has pulled the plug on Chavez` nomination.  Despite her weaknesses, I think she would have been an asset to the cabinet and a potential ally on the coming battles over immigration, and I`m sorry she won`t be there.  I regret that she has written nasty and thoughtless things about Pat Buchanan, but I`m almost tempted to say "Who hasn`t?" Outside the bubble of the regrettably one-sided neocon-paleocon intellectual battles, Chavez is by every measure a conservative, not exclusively a neo-conservative, and would have been an asset and a force for the good in a cabinet position.  It does no good to any version of conservativism that she has been axed and doesn`t bode well for future battles.  The Schadenfreude experienced by some on the Right because of her fall doesn`t even begin to compensate. 


January 10, 2001