Brimelow on Wall Street Journal, Commentary, C-SPAN On
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Peter Brimelow writes : Many thanks to the readers who've pointed out's appearance in Tamar Jacoby's long immigration apologia in the current issue of Commentary Magazine, reproduced in true immigration-enthusiast echo-chamber style on the Wall Street Journal's online April 4 Opinion Journal, and also in Brian Lamb's April 5 CSPAN interview with Jonah Goldberg (Available here, if you have RealPlayer and a fast computer. The reference to us starts on about the 14-minute mark. A special thanks to the Tampa reader who called in and got Jonah going!).

On a personal note, I was naturally interested to see that Jonah describes me as "probably America's leading anti-immigration polemicist." This sounds nicer than "a once-respected conservative voice," as he called me in his LA Times attack.  But, in his eyes, it's probably not a contradiction.

We will respond to Tamar at greater length shortly. But her article is significant in that it does mark the reappearance of the "Of-course-there-are-things-wrong-with-immigration-policy-but…" line, which was a common reaction to Alien Nation in 1995-6, but vanished after the GOP and Goldberg (formerly National) Review were frightened off the issue.

Of course, Tamar can't bring herself to think of any actual improvement except - increasing immigration!  But, hey, her admission is progress.  With some help from the internet, and maybe a few more Muslim terrorists, she'll get there eventually.

April 6, 2002

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