Announcing VDARE.COM's Minutemen Map!
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[Previously by Kevin Carter: Jamestown—America's First Experiment in "Assimilation"]

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In the spring of 2005, the Minuteman Project burst onto the national scene and decisively altered America's immigration debate. Led by founders Jim Gilchrist and Chris Simcox, hundreds of patriotic Americans flocked to the Arizona desert and began staging patrols along the Mexican border.

The efforts of these self-described "Minutemen" to stem the tide of illegal immigration quickly made the headlines. Although President Bush denounced them as "vigilantes," most Americans supported them. Soon thousands more were volunteering.

Yet—typical of nascent political forms—as the Minutemen movement grew, it also splintered. A few months after their first patrol, Gilchrist and Simcox parted ways. Simcox went on to found the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps, while Gilchrist remained at the helm of the Minuteman Project.

In the meantime, other "Minuteman" groups began springing up all over the country. Some of these proved short-lived. Many merged with larger groups. Others remained stubbornly independent.

As a result of all of this, it quickly became very difficult to tell the various groups apart. This list is VDARE.COM's attempt to bring some order to this organizational chaos. Note that we do not take sides in any internecine dispute. As always, our object is to provide a forum to patriotic immigration reformers of all stripes.

I have sorted out the groups by the state in which they operate. Most are affiliated with either the Minuteman Project (Gilchrist) or Minuteman Civil Defense Corps (Simcox). Headings indicate which group is affiliated with which. Unaffiliated groups have no such headings.

For example, California has a heading for the Minuteman Project. Any groups bullet-pointed below that heading are affiliated with the Minuteman Project. California also has a heading for the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps of California. Any groups bullet-pointed below that heading are affiliated with the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps. There are also various independent groups, such as the Campo Minuteman Project, the San Diego Minutemen, etc. None of these are placed under any organizational heading because they are stand-alone groups.

The only groups listed here are those accessible online. A group is listed as affiliated with MMP or MCDC if it is listed as such on one of these groups' national websites. (In other words, if you lead one of these groups and say that you're not affiliated with MMP or MCDC, call them, not us!) The contact information provided for each of the groups was valid as of October, 2007.

VDARE.COM's Minutemen Map is an ongoing project. Please email me with any additions, amplifications, corrections etc.


Minuteman Civil Defense Corps of Alabama       

§  Northern Alabama
State Co-Director: Marie Gray
Email: [email protected]

§  Southern Alabama
State Co-Director: Wayne Funk
Email: [email protected]

Alabama Minutemen           

Director: Gary Buie     

Phone: (205) 515-1924          

Email: [email protected]  


Minuteman Civil Defense Corps of Alaska           

State Membership Director: Sera Baxter
Email: [email protected]


Minuteman Project

§  Maricopa Patriots 1st Division Minuteman Project                  

    Contact: Eric Hosclaw          

    Email: [email protected]

Minuteman Civil Defense Corps of Arizona

State Director: Gene Cafarelli
Phone: (520) 455-0100
Email: [email protected]

§  Tucson Chapter 

      Director: Lance Altherr                      

      Phone: (520) 481-3672
Email: [email protected]       

§  Phoenix Chapter
Director: Don Goldwater
Phone: (602) 317-6506
Email: [email protected]

§  Lake Havasu Chapter
Co-Director: Bill Dyda

Phone: (928) 486-6552
Phone: (928) 764-2083
Email: [email protected]

Co-Director: Marvin Taylor

Phone: (928) 210-1899
Email: [email protected]

§  Prescott Chapter
Director: Mel Oliverson
Phone: (928) 445-1930
Email: [email protected]

Mohave County Minutemen           

 Contact: Luca Zanna              

Email: [email protected]


Campo Minuteman Project  Email: [email protected]

Minuteman Project

§  Goldengate Minutemen

Contact: Mike
Email: [email protected]

§  Ontario Minuteman Project
Contact: Wayne Lindebaum

Email: [email protected]

§  San Clemente Minuteman Project Support Chapter

Contact: Bonnie Robb
[email protected]

§  Southern California Minuteman Project

Contact: Robin Hvidston
Email: [email protected]

Minuteman Civil Defense Corps of California     

State Office     Phone: (619) 567-4110
Email: [email protected]

Field Headquarters
Phone: (619) 766-9094
Email: [email protected]

State Membership Director: Steve H
Email: [email protected]

§  Northern California Chapter (Napa)
Director: Steve Giraud
Phone: (707) 769-8633    

      Email: [email protected]       

§  East Bay Minutemen (Walnut Creek)
Director: Steve Russell
Bruce Lessor
Email: [email protected]   

§  Desert Cities Minutemen
Director: Linda Kienle
Email: [email protected]         

§  LA Minutemen
Director: Tony Dolz
Phone: (310) 383-3600
Email: [email protected]

§  Sacramento Region Chapter
Director: Joni Tofanelli
Phone: 530-367-2189
Email: [email protected]

Mountain Minutemen (Jacumba)     

Contact: Robert        

Email: [email protected]

San Diego Minutemen

Contact: Jeff Schwilk

Email: [email protected]



Minuteman Project

§  Colorado Minuteman Project
Contact: Bob Copley

      Email: [email protected]

Minuteman Civil Defense Corps of Colorado

§  Denver Chapter

Contact: None Listed

Email: None Listed


§  Colorado Springs Chapter

Contact: None Listed

Email: None Listed


Minuteman Civil Defense Corps of Connecticut
State Director: Jim Tomlinson
[email protected]


Florida Minuteman Patriots

Contact: Not Listed   

Email: [email protected]

Minuteman Project

§  Central Florida Patriots Minuteman Project
Contact: Jeffrey Fabi

Email: [email protected]%20

Minuteman Civil Defense Corps of Florida

§  North Florida Chapters

      Coordinator: Bill Landes
Email: [email protected]        

§  South Florida Chapters

      Coordinator: Julius Morreal
Email: [email protected]


Minuteman Project

§  Georgia-Atlanta Minuteman Project
Contact: Donna L. Walker

Email: [email protected]

Minuteman Civil Defense Corps of Georgia
State Director: Todd Walker
Phone: (706) 224-2646
Email: [email protected]

Media Director: Ben Burroughs
Phone: (404) 783-6577
Email: [email protected]

Legislative Director: Lee Fleck
Phone: (770) 587-3493
Email: [email protected]

§  Northwest Georgia Chapter
Co-Director: Lawrence Headrick
Phone: (706) 217-8542
Email: [email protected]

Co-Director: Paul Cash
Phone: (706) 618-2825
Email: [email protected]

§  Southwest Georgia Chapter
Director: Lori Cannon
Phone: (229) 809-0954
Email: [email protected]       

§  North Atlanta Chapter
Director: Dr. Mary Bennett Williams
Phone: (678) 492-0788
Email: [email protected]         

§  Augusta Area Chapter
Director: Bill Anderson
Phone: (706) 394-9510
Email: [email protected]    

§  Athens Area Chapter
Director: Todd Walker
Phone: (706) 224-2646
Email: [email protected]

Media Director: Bill Mayberry
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (706) 206-7168

§  Gainesville Chapter
Director: Patrick McNaughton
Phone: (404) 731-4728
Email: [email protected]

§  Cherokee Chapter
Director: Ken Hunt
Phone: (770) 262-4584
Email: [email protected]


Illinois Minuteman (Skokie)
Director: Rosanna Pulido

Phone: (773) 250-3399

Minuteman Project

§  Chicago Minuteman Project
Contact: Rick Biesda       

      Email: [email protected]

Minutemen Midwest (Harvard)              
Contact: None Listed
Phone: (815) 334-7740
Email: [email protected]


Minuteman Civil Defense Corps of Iowa  

Additional Website:     

State Director: Craig Halverson
Phone: (712) 767-2621
Email: [email protected]

§  Des Moines Chapter
Director: Robert Ussery
Phone: (515) 306-6793
[email protected]        

§  Woodbury County Chapter
Director: David S. Nettleton
Email: [email protected]           

§  Harrison County Chapter
Director: Don L. Blackford
Email: [email protected]           

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