Tens Of Thousands Of Reasons To Donate To VDARE.com

VDARE.com has been publishing news and analysis about the negative impact of mass immigration, for almost twenty years. Never have we faced such a barrage of attacks as we are facing today. The Left is determined to silence us—if not through personal attacks then by undercutting our ability to engage in the supposedly free market. Getting our message out in the face of such extreme opposition is no easy task, and it’s heartening to see our loyal supporters sticking by us during this funding drive.

The graphic below describes the absolute volume of news, analysis and commentary that VDARE.com produces. For the past twenty years, VDARE.com has established itself as a sober, fact-based and unflinching source informing the fight to preserve America as our forefathers intended, “for ourselves and our posterity.”

VDARE.com is facing an existential threat from aggressive Leftist deplatforming and censorship. But we, the voice of the historic American nation will not be driven out of the public square.

As the headline above indicates, referring to our numerous publications, there are tens of thousands of reasons to donate to VDARE.com. But you only need one: donate today to keep America American.


Planned Giving

Official Name & ID Number

  • Organization’s official name: VDARE Foundation
  • VDARE Foundation's federal tax ID number is 22-3691487.

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For any questions or to donate by phone, please call Lydia at the VDARE.com office 860-361-6231.

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We now accept cryptocurrency.

The Bitcoin address for donations is: 3N1azzevDjZSjorCdLaQgBCBXZzGm7ku5R

The Ethereum address is: 0xc62767f197aa9ed9f80dc9cd5dd0a0decfb357a0

The Litecoin address is: LYfZs4ZgwPXdDSrZ5Mv9cJMX2ktDLGkoFr

The Monero address is: 4GdoN7NCTi8a5gZug7PrwZNKjvHFmKeV11L6pNJPgj5QNEHsN6eeX3DaAQFwZ1ufD4LYCZKArktt113W7QjWvQ7CWAbaYPasM7ZEsvvHi7

Note: If you make a donation by Bitcoin or Ethereum, we have no way to connect the donation with your email address. If you would like a confirmation receipt of the donation (and a thank you!), you’ll need to send an email with the details of the transaction to Lydia Brimelow at lbrimelow@vdare.com. Otherwise, you have our thanks for your support in advance!