VDARE Radio: We Need To Stay From The Path
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All I can say today is—the cringe is real.

A hardcore band called “Stray From The Path” has released a song called “Good Night Alt Right.” Ironically, considering the band’s name, the song is a plea for conformity, a desperate whine for people to stop thinking independently. And if you don’t do what they say, they will apparently attack you.

The video is above, and, objectively speaking, it’s terrible. But it’s terrible for another reason. It’s terrible because of what it represents, because of what it shows us about the mind of the Left—violent, simple, and painfully stupid.

Just try to listen to these lyrics:

77 since the 88

Had to look at my phone ‘cause I couldn’t believe the date

It’s 2017 but in a 40s trend

With a racist president that’s “making everything great again”

One of the memes we use online is, “It’s The Current Year.” We use it to make fun of when leftists argue something along the lines of, “How can you say that? It’s 2017!” or whatever the current year is. And yet these guys are using it unironically. They’re a living meme.

Most of the rest is just crude threats of violence. “We never used to let these [obscenity] have any control” they whine.

These musicians, if we can call them that, are trying to be intimidating. They are basically making a violent threat against every single one of our readers, donors, families and friends. When the Southern Poverty Law Center or the Anti-Defamation League make these so-called “hate lists,” this is what they are inviting. They are inviting people to attack people on these lists in this fashion. And even those who reject the Alt-Right label are still put on these lists and essentially have a target put on their backs. Gavin McInnes and Mike Cernovich are not wrong to interpret these kinds of lists as something akin to a death threat.

But of course, this video in particular doesn’t come off as scary. Most people seem to be laughing. “Justin Bieber looks pissed,” as one commentator put it. The video features people breaking into someone’s house with a gun and then beating them into a pulp. And yet, this kind of imagery is matched with rhetoric which is, frankly laughable.

“What makes you think that this is okay?” they cry. “What makes you think that this is alright?” What are you, a kindergarten teacher? One isn’t scared when you see these guys. Instead, you vaguely feel like you are supposed to steal their lunch money.

Yet we have to take them at their word. Leftists feel like they have the moral right to attack and even kill people with whom they disagree. The goalposts have been moved so much such that anyone even mildly to the right of Barack Obama is now called a fascist or a Nazi and worthy of being attacked. Every American needs to ensure their own security, either by keeping a firearm in the house or through physical training.

Speaking only for VDARE.com, we believe mass immigration hurts all Americans. It especially hurts American workers, whose wages are crushed by a unlimited supply of cheap labor. It deconstructs our national identity and culture, which is something people need in a world of globalization, where traditional institutions seem to be failing so many people.

These are not extreme opinions. This is common sense. Indeed, we must question the patriotism of those Americans who favor mass immigration despite its terrible consequences. We can’t help but believe they support mass immigration precisely because it hurts the country.

And yet here you have these musicians, trying to be edgy, essentially pledging to use violence to support the power structure. The only saving grace in the entire thing is that they can’t credibly make the threat, and so they just come off looking silly.

They have no arguments. They have no morality. Instead, they just have a series of slogans they got from somebody else and promise they will attack those of us who are capable of independent thought.

In such an environment, of what value is the First Amendment? Of what value is citizenship, when we don’t even hold the right to peaceably discuss opposing points of view. Indeed, what’s the point of politics when the other side doesn’t even have arguments, just threats? And how lame is it for a band to be ending a song by recycling a slogan from the Dead Kennedys? Not only are these guys jerks, they’re just dorks.

We don’t need more sheep, those who have never had a thought which wasn’t put into their head by a university professor or a screaming liberal reporter. We need people capable of disagreeing with the mainstream media. We need people who have the courage of their convictions. In short, we need Americans who have the intelligence and the will to “stray from the path” our rulers have set out for us. And we know that includes all of you, our faithful readers and listeners, who keep us going.

Thanks again and we’ll talk soon.

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