VDARE Radio: Trump And American Dreamers
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This is Virginia Dare and you’re listening to Radio VDARE. President Donald Trump announced he will be revealing his policy towards the so-called dreamers over the next four weeks [Donald Trump Signals DACA Policy Within Next Four Week, by Charlie Spiering, Breitbart, January 26, 2017]. This is not what we wanted to hear. What we wanted to hear was that DACA, one of former president Obama’s unilateral amnesties, has been canceled for good. President Trump has already done some good things on immigration – but is he showing weakness here?

This is one of those issues where Main Stream Media framing has already prepared the battlefield to our disadvantage. Why are these illegal immigrants called “dreamers?” As President Trump himself said during the campaign: “You know what I want? I want dreamers to come from this country. You mentioned dreamers. I want the people in the United States that have children; I want them to have dreams also. We’re always talking about dreamers for other people. I want the children that are growing up in the United States to be dreamers also. They’re not dreaming right now.”

And President Trump also said during his inaugural address, “We will bring back our dreams.”

Yet we know what will happen if President Trump ends DACA. There will be a million MSM sob stories about students who supposedly “grew up here” and don’t know anywhere else. The journalists certainly don’t care about the dreams of our own people.

We will also be given arguments about how our country is supposedly better off if they go to college. Actually, considering the state of American higher education, we are probably better off if they don’t go to college.

One thing we know about President Trump is he closely follows television news. And the “dreamers” are a custom made sob story for the journalists to gaslight the American public. This may be a fight Donald Trump simply does not want to take on so early in his term.

But he’s going to have to. Even as I speak, the immigration bureaucracy is processing applications every hour, meaning that an ever increasing number of illegals are being allowed to stay in the country. What’s more, Trump is not going to get any credit for showing any restraint. The MSM is already doing its best to convince the country that the President of the United States is either a fascist, a Russian puppet or both. The only thing which will happen if Trump backs down on DACA is he’ll lose some of his most passionate supporters, people he will need to stick by him to both beat back the Left and the media, and to keep the House Republicans from cucking out on him.

There will be negative media coverage sure, but Donald Trump has shown an incredible ability to change the conversation. He can easily shift to a different topic and force the media to cover him. His best move politically really is to rip the band-aid off and get this over with. Otherwise, this issue is going to fester throughout his entire term. And it’s going to politically weaken him right off the bad.

Besides, ultimately, this is an existential issue. As Trump noted in his own speeches, this is a question of us and them. To be a nationalist, even a civic nationalist, requires saying that our government has a responsibility to our citizens, and no one else. What the dreamers are saying is that they deserve special rights and privileges above lowly American citizens, who are actually expected to obey the law. Their presence in our country is an insult; their agitation for further concessions is nothing less than an act of aggression.

Donald Trump was elected by patriotic Americans to stand against these arrogant and hostile foreigners. He should not give an inch. He should keep his campaign promises. And he should send these illegals home where they belong. If they really want to be Americans, they can wait in line along with everyone else and be admitted according to the procedures we decide. This country belongs to us, after all. I thought that’s what this last election was all about.

I’m Virginia Dare and we’ll talk again soon.

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