VDARE Radio: Sanctuary Campus
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This is Virginia Dare and you’re listening to VDARE RADIO.


Our top story today is the campus movement which is already rising up against President-elect Donald J. Trump. Students at colleges around the country are trying to create so-called “sanctuary campuses,” where school officials would not willingly assist government officials in enforcing immigration law against illegals who are present at the school as students, faculty or staff [The Push for Sanctuary Campuses Prompts More Questions Than Answers, by Emily Deruy, The Atlantic, November 22, 2016]. Of course, seeing as how so many of these schools are dependent on federal aid in some form or another and also can’t just break the law, this is basically a meaningless gesture. There are also security considerations when it comes to issues such as terrorism. The recent attack on students by a refugee in Ohio is a reminder this danger is real.


Still it tells us a lot. The end game of the American Left is essentially to transform the country into one giant college campus. Speech codes for conservatives, massive subsidies for left wing extremists, professors who indoctrinate naïve co-eds into hating their families, nation and heritage. Reports are already circulating about how certain students have been forced out of their universities just for supporting the next President [Bryn Mawr student says she dropped out after ridicule for backing Trump, Fox News, December 18, 2016]. At George Washington University, history majors will no longer have to take U.S. history, and that might actually be for the best considering the quality of education they are receiving [George Washington University no longer requiring history majors to take US history course, by Tom Fitzgerald, Fox 5, December 28, 2016]. Instead, presumably, students will just become experts in Gender Studies, Black Studies, Chicano Studies and whatever other fake subjects transform students into activists.


Indeed, it might be best to think of universities simply as taxpayer funded machines which the extreme left uses to churn out its foot soldiers. Recent studies indicate most college students are sorely lacking in basic knowledge about geography, geopolitics, or contemporary history [Survey Finds U.S. College Students’ Global Literacy Woefully Lacking, by Anna Gawel, The Washington Diplomat, December 22, 2016]. But are they well trained in knowing how to get out there and rent seek as subsidized “activists” of one form or another.


The hysteria about “safe spaces” is easy to mock, but these kinds of things are important. The American Left enjoys a massively subsidized network which it is practically mandatory to attend for those who want to be involved in politics. With no conservative voices, or, rather, conservative voices deliberately driven out, this gives them a huge advantage in recruiting followers. It’s no surprise they want to make it exempt from the law as well.


In Greece, the Left succeeded many years ago in keeping police off university campuses [Debate Rages in Greece About Right of Police to Enter University Campuses, by Niki Kitsantonis, New York Times, December 9, 2009]. There are now the beginnings of a similar effort on American campuses, as students are saying police patrols on campus are an act violence. The rationale for this absurd campaign is rooted in the Orwellian rhetoric of the Black Lives Matter movement, where police preventing crimes are engaging in “violence,” but thugs rioting and attacking people are simply peaceful demonstrators [Students claim police protection is ‘act of violence,’ WND, November 30, 2016].


The Chicano movement on campus, and the efforts by illegal immigrants to build “sanctuary campuses,” show the lie that illegals want to be “part of America.” They are part of the vanguard to deconstruct the country. And for some reason, we continue to fund these efforts. It’s not like America is better off when illegals go to college. They just learn to be more efficient and effective parasites.


Donald Trump’s new Secretary of Education, Betsy Devos, is pretty useless on the issues that matter.  But the American Right is going to need to deal with this issue. We can’t keep paying outrageous amounts of money to support an educational establishment which breeds subversion. We can’t keep churning out graduates who just make our lives worse and are more ignorant than when they came in. And most of all, we can’t have colleges who take the side of the invaders as our country struggles for survival.


I’m Virginia Dare and we’ll talk again soon.



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