VDARE Radio: Hillary's Full Merkel Is A Preventable Evil
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This is Virginia Dare and you’re listening to VDARE RADIO.


In a real country, we’d be having a discussion right now about Hillary Clinton naming Angela Merkel as one of her favorite world leaders.


Enoch Powell famously said the supreme function of statesmanship is to provide against preventable evils. If this is true, Angela Merkel may be not only one of the worst world leaders today, but one of the worst world leaders of any nation in all of world history. Her decision to open the borders to unlimited Muslim immigration endangers the literal existence of her country. And there’s no upside. German labor experts have found, not surprisingly, that these “refugees” are all essentially unemployable. It seems like a major terrorist attack in Germany is only a matter of time. It’s not like the refugees themselves are even being helped by it. Thanks to Merkel’s decision, refugees are endangering themselves trying to cross the Mediterranean and huge numbers of them are dying in the effort. There’s no way this is going to end well.


And yet this is who Hillary Clinton thinks is a role model and someone who showed “courage.” It’s a disturbing glimpse of what she is likely to do if she gets into the Oval Office. She has already promised to increase the number of Syrian migrants admitted to the United States by 550 percent. This when our security services have already admitted there is no way to vet all of the people entering the country, when visa overstays are basically habitual, and when no one believes DHS is actually able to track and monitor those who are already inside the United States.


Why is Hillary doing this? We know why the Left, in general, favors mass Third World immigration. Immigrants who are alienated from the historic American nation and more likely to be reliant on federal welfare programs are practically guaranteed votes for the Democratic Party. As Peter Brimelow has repeatedly said, the Democrats are “electing a new people.” And much of the so-called American Right goes along with this because the theory is these Third Worlders can serve as a source of cheap labor. Of course, in reality, many of these migrants are, as they are in Germany, essentially unemployable.


Meanwhile, Donald Trump, who said the mass admittance of migrants in Germany was a “tragic mistake,” is not taken seriously by the media. Why? Even a moment’s reflection would lead a normal person to conclude this is a time for caution. And from an American perspective, looking at what’s already happening to Europe, why would anyone think mass Muslim immigration is a good idea?


But do people like Hillary Clinton really believe these migrants will somehow be good for the country? It’s doubtful. One of the more horrifying realizations you get after involvement in politics is how little thought so many national leaders give existential questions like mass immigration. In a way, I almost prefer if someone like Angela Merkel actually was involved in a scheme to deliberately destroy Germany. That at least is comprehensible. But it’s equally likely she never thought of what she was unleashing, instead simply going along with the vague open borders stance urged by the media and by nonprofit groups. Hillary could well be doing the same thing.


One of the smartest people I ever met explained that many intelligent people believe stupid things simply because they have rejected thinking about certain issues as a kind of waste of time and energy. If you are smart, you are more likely to be rich and if you are rich, you can isolate yourself from the consequences of destructive social policy so you don’t have to confront the cognitive dissonance. Therefore, you can indulge in simply accepting elite opinion.


Elite opinion, as flippant and shallow as it is, has decreed open borders is a good thing. Therefore, many politicians and thought leaders simply go along with it. As terrifying as this sounds, it has simply never occurred to many of them to even consider another perspective.


Politics, as many have pointed out, is war by other means. And all war is a media war. If you are looking for the center of power in a society such as ours, it lies in the media. And ultimately the media, like everything else, is reliant upon those with money. One of the reasons VDARE.com is so important, and effective, as we’ve seen this year, is we have the ability to do more with less. With your help, we can force subjects into the national conversation that can’t be ignored. And once we’ve done that, all else follows.


I’m Virginia Dare and we’ll speak again soon.

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