VDARE Radio: From City To ****hole—Baltimore and America
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Welcome to VDARE Radio; I’m your host Virginia Dare. The national anthem itself is the latest thing found to be offensive, as a monument depicting two children in Baltimore was recently attacked, presumably by antifa. The statue was splashed with red paint and the words “racist anthem” were placed in front of it [National Anthem Statue Trashed In Baltimore, WND, January 16, 2017].

This story seemed especially touching because the statue was originally paid for by pennies collected by schoolchildren a century ago. Today, some of Baltimore’s schools can’t graduate a single student who can meet the minimum standards for Math or English. All this even though Baltimore’s schools are among the better funded in the nation. Something tells me they won’t be collecting pennies to help build a patriotic statue in their city.

Baltimore is, by any measure, now one of the worst cities in the country. Crime is on the increase; the city set a record for having its highest per capital murder rate of all time last year. The city actually has fewer people in it than it did a century ago. There’s a scene in The Wire, a gritty crime drama set in the metropolis, in which a detective mourns that the city could see 300 homicides. This was meant to be a kind of exaggeration, a worst case scenario. The city had 343 homicides last year. And there were already two killings on the first day of 2018, so the city is off to a strong start. [Two Baltimore killings reported on first day of 2018, by Jessica Anderson, Baltimore Sun, January 1, 2018]

Yet the current mayor of Baltimore’s biggest initiative so far has been removing various statues dedicated to people associated with the Confederacy.

WND reports:

In August, the Lee-Jackson Monument, dedicated to former Chief Justice Roger B. Taney, the brother-in-law of Francis Scott Key, was torn down along with the Confederate Soldiers and Sailors Monument on Mount Royal Avenue and the Confederate Women’s Monument. Mayor Catherine Pugh claimed her decision was motivated by “concern … for the safety and security of our people.”
Baltimore also has one of the most active antifa chapters, and has seen attacks both on monument to Francis Scott Key and to Christopher Columbus. Needless to say, the spectacle of Baltimore’s denizens joyfully slaughtering each other does not trouble the sleep of any of the Social Justice Warriors, nor the Baltimore press, nor the city’s leadership. But a bronze statue does.

It’s hard to say whether H.L. Mencken’s shade is laughing, crying or both.

What really struck me about this story was the image of schoolchildren collecting pennies in order to pay for a patriotic statue. Today, we take it for granted the purpose of the educational system is to indoctrinate people out of the natural love for their country and people, and into a vague, inchoate hatred for this country and its history.

We might even be grateful Baltimore’s schools are producing illiterates. They are less harmful than the Ta-Nehisi Coates professional parasite types who know just enough English to make living being a victim.

But it’s still a depressing image. Baltimore was once a great city, an American city, perhaps the closest thing that existed to an all-American city with the charm of the South and the bustle and productivity of the North. Now, the best word that can describe it is the one President Trump allegedly used to describe countries like Haiti the other day.

As mass immigration continues, as standards continue to decline, and as the people who created this country are driven into the minority, it’s worth asking whether all of America will soon meet this fate. Is it our country’s destiny just to become another… well, you know the word I’m thinking of. To put it another way, is it our destiny to become Baltimore writ large?

In the country I want, children are proud to be American, and have something to be proud of. They know they come from a people with a great past and a promising future. They are taught patriotism, not shame. And they have some connection with the heroes of the past, not simply regarding them as dead white males who have nothing to teach them but the evils of “racism.”

Baltimore is a kind of living monument to the evil of today’s governing ideals. It’s a powerful symbol to what we want to avoid. And if you want to build a monument to this country’s past, and ensure it has a future, don’t use your own pennies to build a statue, but send them to organizations like VDARE.com so we can continue the fight for our people’s survival.

I’m Virginia Dare and we’ll talk again soon.

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