Radio Derb: Trump's Sound Policy Proposal, Our Elites Come Unhinged, Etc.
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0om41s— Trump makes a sound policy proposal. (And I analyze the practicalities.)

09m34s— Our elites come unhinged. (We need new elites.)

16m57s— Bobbies on bicycles. (But scared to wear uniforms.)

25m07s— Long-term thinking on demography. (Someone's been doing it.)

31m10s— SCOTUS Justice reads a book! (They're not supposed to do that!)

38m58s— Person of the year. (The goodwhites love her.)

41m14s— Smartphones to go extinct. (I can't wait.)

42m58s— Sneaker madness. (Fashion is to die for.)

45m52s— They keep mountain goats...and horses. (Hanky-panky in the Alps.)

46m54s— Let us now praise famous men. (Bold, smoky, with a hint of violence.)

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