Radio Derb: Return To The Island—Long Island!
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Many listeners have emailed in with anxious queries about our new location and the fate of my eager young research assistants Mandy, Candy, and Brandy. At present I can only tell you that matters are rather up in the air. We are broadcasting from a makeshift studio set up here on my own estates in Long Island; but the expenses of relocation, investing in new equipment, and so on have imposed constraints. Not to mince words, dear listeners, but no longer being under Taki's patronage, and with my family and domestic staff to support, money is tight. Do you have any idea how much pool boys demand nowadays?

We shall do our best to restore the Radio Derb facilities to their former grandeur, but I have warned the girls that there may be pink slips in their future. All help will of course be most gratefully received; there is a donation page on the website.

I shall keep you apprised of future developments. Playlist:

  • The Debate (see my article on the front page)
  • Candidates say the darnedest things.
  • A segment about nothing.
  • The complacency trap. (Hiroshima, au revoir?)
  • From the police blotter
  • Our closing miscellany of brief items.

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