Radio Derb: Peak White Guilt, PC Now To The LEFT Of Marxism, And Voices from the Mencken Club, Etc.
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01m26s — Conservatism's rule of three. (From Buckley and Burnham to George W. Bush.)

12m21s — Liberalism now to the left of Marxism. (Discord among the SJWs.)

19m20s — Familiarity breeds conflict. (Europe discovers white flight.)

27m58s — The e-migration segment. (And a Russophile's lament.)

35m55s — The past rewritten. (The fruits of a corrupted education system.)

42m33s — Peak white guilt? (A movie bombs.)

44m11s — Toxic masculinity. (But Kipling got it right.)

46m52s — Kansas takes a stand. (Good sense from lawyers!)

48m11s — Pirate Party pales. (Poll prediction premature.)

49m33s — Signoff. (Voices from the Mencken Club.)

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