Radio Derb: Not Enough Frenchmen Want Their Country Back, "Bipartisanship", No To STAR WARS, Etc.
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01m23s— Not enough French people want their country back. (Disappointment, and some grim satisfaction.)

08m29s— We need a Second Party. (Back to blood.)

17m46s— Trumpitler. (Might he be Good For The Jews?)

28m56s— Yes, Virginia, there are two political parties. (They just end up doing the same things.)

36m35s— Nukes in the attic. (Trump gets the big thing right.)

45m38s— The Prodfather. (How to get a get.)

48m55s— Forward thinking on demography, update. (Rooting for Japan.)

50m51s— Passing on Star Wars. (Confessions of a sci-fi snob.)

52m29s— Merry Christmas! (With a very old carol.)


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