Radio Derb: New Year's Round Up Of Race Unrealism And Ethnomasochism
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01m01s— Americans self-demoralize, self-humiliate, self-enstupidate. (Heavens to Betsy!)

10m55s— Ignorance is social acceptance. (Knowledge is verboten.)

26m10s— Brits apologize on the beaches. (But who killed Constable Blakelock?)

34m10s— The unbearable strangeness of white ethnomasochism. (Say wha?)

38m54s— The post-post-colonial world. (Lifeboat ethics.)

48m26s— Thin end of a wedge. (Which flag will be outlawed next?)

51m40s— Darwin award. (There's an easier way.)

53m10s— Fourteen years of futility. (And SecDef says "it's far from over.")

55m00s— Look back with sadness. (And forward with hope.)


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