Radio Derb: Kaepernick Vs. The Past, Gays Vs. The Future, And Buttigieg Vs. The Cops, Etc.
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01m06s  Controlling the past.  (Advances in the Cultural Revolution.)

06m17s  Was ever pride contented?  (Was Lou Gehrig gay?)

14m09s  Pride of the Pride.  (Be careful who you mock, soccer gals.)

20m52s  Buttigieg statistics and logic.  (Both need work.)

26m43s  Portland beats up Andy Ngo.  (Where is Anticom?)

28m16s  Africans on the move.  (Get your wallets out.)

30m12s  Heritage seeks inspiration from Radio Derb.  (A credit would have been nice.)

33m25s  Anti-terrorist hero now on terrorist watchlist.  (Better dead than Islamophobic.)

35m39s  Ten-year-olds protest gay indoctrination.  (Young, Christian, and black.)

37m04s  Signoff.  (The Radio Derb tango.)


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