Radio Derb: Radio Derb Is On The Air: Now Exclusively On!
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From the podcast introduction:

And Radio Derb is back on the air! Yes, this is your irrepressibly genial host John Derbyshire with a weekly round-up of news and opinion from a dissident conservative viewpoint.

Peter Brimelow, the proprietor of, has suggested that I explain Radio Derb's change of location, to satisfy listener curiosity and quell unseemly rumors.

I am glad to do so, although there is very little to explain; and the little that there is is not interesting or dramatic.

In June I turned seventy. That got me to thinking about the time I have left and what I can most usefully do with it. I would, for example, like to write another book or two before I fall off my perch.

My conclusion was that I had to work less, to free up time for reading and thinking. Something had to go. With no prejudice at all to Taki's Magazine, for whose hospitality and support I shall be for ever grateful, logic demanded that I drop my commitments to them. This was just a time-management calculation with, I repeat, absolutely no prejudice to TakiMag.

Henceforth, aside from the occasional book review in this or that magazine, I shall just be writing for Radio Derb will be hosted here, and I shall contribute to the blog when I have something worth saying â€” occasionally, but not regularly, at full column length.

My thanks once again to the proprietor and staff at Taki's Magazine for their support, especially in 2012 when I was most in need of it. If you've been a reader of TakiMag, I hope you'll continue to be one. If you've supported them in any other way, I hope you'll continue to do so.

Here at I shall go on doing what I can, using whatever meager gifts I've been blessed with, to make myself useful in the true old spirit of patriotism: "My country, right or wrong: if right, to keep her right, if wrong, to put her right."

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