Radio Derb: GOP To White Men—Please Don't Vote For Us, We Don't Like You, Etc.
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01m28s— GOP to white English-speaking Andro-Americans: Please don't vote for us, we don't like you. (Stupid Party out-stupids itself.)

10m07s— I for one welcome our new macho white-Hispanic overlords. (Diversity is for Gringos.)

12m43s— Propaganda stunt of the week. (Was it scripted?)

24m56s— Rape, no rape. (Who? Whom?)

33m50s— Practicing disappointment. (Here comes the wet blanket.)

40m45s— Michael Moore is a Muslim. (Be careful what you ask for, pal.)

42m11s— Shock story of the week. (Suppressed of course by MSM.)

43m05s— Happy Birthday, fake encyclopedia! (With a frisson of guilt.)

45m45s— A Pastafarian triumph. (Gnocch, gnocch, gnocchi on Heaven's door.)

47m10s— When we knew how to be silly. (The monster at the end of the podcast.)


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