Will The Sotomayor Nomination Hurt The Republicans Or The Democrats? Depends On The Courage Of The Republican Leadership
June 05, 2009, 05:21 PM
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Dave Kopel on a recent poll of political bloggers:
Question 2 was "Regarding the Supreme Court nomination of Sonia Sotomayor, what will be the political impact on your party?" On the Left, 94% thought it would help their party, and on the Right, 67% thought it would hurt their party.

My answer was idiosyncratic. Although it`s listed under "minor harm," I had voted for "minor help." I explained: "As a Democrat, I think it will help the party by mollifying some of the Hispanics who will be upset by Obama`s inability to pass an amnesty program for illegal aliens. The nomination may also benefit Republicans, if Republican senators raise serious objections about some of Sotomayor`s unpopular and legally weak decisions, such as Ricci, Maloney and Village of Port Chester."

One the one hand, I tend to react to the news that some good will come if the Republican leadership is willing to stand up and be counted by saying "Uh-oh!" On the other hand, the ranking Republican on the Judiciary Committee is now Jeff Sessions, and he will stand up and be counted.