Romney, Obama Tied; White Share Stalled At 58%; The Moral Of Mack In FL
October 15, 2012, 04:08 PM
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The RealClearPolitics Average has tightened again (Oct 15), with Mitt Romney now tied with Barack Obama 47.3-47.3. This seems to be because of two new polls released this morning:

  • Washington Post-ABC News Poll (Oct. 15): Romney trails Obama 47-49.

Despite asking all kinds of silly questions like "During this campaign, do you think [NAME] has been mainly (attacking his opponent) or mainly (addressing the issues)?" WaPo-ABC do not include the racial breakdown of their poll. This, of course, reflects the MSM`s extreme aversion to mentioning the decisive role of the white vote.

  • Rasmussen`s Oct. 15 Daily Presidential Tracking Poll, a rolling three-day average, shows Romney ahead 49-48, down a point from Sunday

Rasmussen makes racial breakdowns available to its Premium Platinum subscribers. Romney`s white share has stalled at 58%, two points less than the Congressional GOP got in 2010 and six points less than Reagan got in 1984. (More white share comparisons here—scroll down).

The GOP`s problem is well illustrated by Florida. Rasmussen recently reported Romney finally ahead of Obama 51-47 in the state, because of his 62% white share. This morning, Rasmussen reports GOP Senate candidate Connie Mack trailing Democratic incumbent Bill Nelson 45-46. Mack`s white share: a pitiful 53%.

Not coincidentally, Mack is useless on patriotic immigration reform. He denounced Arizona`s SB 1070 in the Washington Post (May 28, 2010). And, again not coincidentally, Sheldon Adelson put $1 million into his superPAC. (POLITICO, June 16 2012).

No doubt that made Mack`s campaign consultants very happy. There`s just this minor problem: the voters.