"White Noise" And Greenback Dollars: A Commenter`s Very Practical Rebuke To National Review`s John J. Miller
September 27, 2012, 10:15 PM
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National Review`s immigration enthusiast John J. Miller was at one point an employee of Linda Chavez`s Center for Equal Opportunity. (It was in that capacity that he reviewed Alien Nation for Reason Magazine.) He is predictably dismissive—"sad and unhelpful"—of white students organizing in their own interests:

White Noise

This is sad and unhelpful, but isn’t it also predictable, given the racialization of our universities (and just about everything else)? Ian Tuttle at the College Fix:

Towson University senior Matthew Heimbach has launched an effort to form a “White Students Union” on his campus, saying he is frustrated by the political correctness that holds his and other colleges hostage. He hopes to combat what he claims is a series of racially motivated black-on-white crimes near Towson, and give a voice to his white peers.

This led to the following comment from one of his readers who is also one of our readers.
 Ed in Cary

Yes, sad that such a thing is needed. But I know how the young man feels, which is why I yesterday gave to VDare the largest contribution that I have ever given to any cause or organization, some of it earmarked for Derb. I wish I could contribute to NR, too, but I`m a little short right now.