White Fist Graphic On "Knockout Game" Story What`s Wrong With This Picture?
December 02, 2013, 07:22 PM
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This graphic accompanying a "knockout game" story on a Tulsa radio station website raises the question "What`s Wrong With This Picture?"

A white fist? Really?

The answer is: it`s a white fist. It`s illustrating an AP story about the knockout game, which is the name for black-on-white attacks. and the story itself says it`s not about race:

While some of those attacked have been white, and some suspected attackers black, experts said the incidents are more about preying on the seemingly helpless than race or religion.

"It`s about someone who is seemingly helpless, and choosing that person to target," [Jeffrey Butts, a psychologist specializing in juvenile delinquency at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice. ] said.
Attacks probed for link to knockout game - www.1170kfaq.com, November 23, 2013

How can Butts, [Email him] be a "psychologist specializing in juvenile delinquency" and not know how black teens feel about whites, and what they do about it on a regular basis?

Maybe he does know, and just doesn`t have tenure.