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October 10, 2004, 05:00 AM
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Tiger Woods New Mother-in Law Is Sweden`s Minister of Immigration! [From A Reader] - 10/10/04

So the mother-in-law that Tiger Woods recently acquired in what surely will be the most spectacular interracial marriage of the decade is Sweden`s Minister for "Migration and Asylum Policy".

I guess this is a case of putting your daughter where your mouth is.

But at least the bride gets access to a fortune variously estimated in the press at $200-$370 million—hopefully not too well-protected by the reported pre-nuptial agreement.

For most Swedes, faced with the consequences of their government`s lax asylum policy, no such compensation is available.

Question For Joe Lockhart [James Fulford] - 10/10/04

If I went to press conferences like the Mainstream Media:

"Ah, James Fulford,, here: Now that you`re working for John Kerry, do you find that he lies more than President Clinton, less than President Clinton, or about the same?"

RSS: What The Heck? [James Fulford] - 10/10/04

That`s what Kevin Michael Grace was asking in May, and what I`ve been fiddling with for the past few days. RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication and it means that you can check automatically when a blog or news website is updated. I`ve been using SharpReader to read those blogs which have installed this RSS thingie.

It would be useful to have this on the site, but we don`t want to try too hard with the technical stuff. However, if any readers have a suggestion about how this can be implemented easily, I`d be grateful.

John Howard Wins In Australia[James Fulford] - 10/10/04

John Howard, Prime Minister of Australia, has been reelected. Unlike President Bush, he has had no trouble combining the War On Terror with immigration control.

2nd Presidential Debate: Steve Sailer [Crossposted from 10/10/04

 A reader writes (facetiously):


"Hey, Steve, you are just ticked off that not a single person in the debate audience, which represented a cross section of the American people, asked a question about illegal immigrants. For surely if anyone had submitted such a question, Charles Gibson would have used it, right?


"Nah, red-blooded Americans are concerned about the stuff that touches their daily lives, like stem-cell research. You`ve just got to shed your obsessions and think more like a normal American."

Human Genome Leader Recants On "No Races" [Steve Sailer] - 10/10/04


In in early 2001, I pointed out that the "race is not a scientific concept" party line emanating from the Human Genome Project leaders was just spin. I wrote:


"Human Genome Project scientists have been conspiring with journalists recently to lard press reports on their findings with politically-correct disinformation."[Read the whole thing on] 

Washington Post: Vote Early [James Fulford] - 10/10/04

The Post is looking for your vote on the best blogs and political websites. I believe you can vote for Vdare.Com. Only once, though.

Found: New Stuff on the Internet [James Fulford] - 10/10/04

Using this Feedster /RSS thing I have found two new links: A Security Mom who likes us. A Libertarian who doesn`t.