UPDATED:Buchanan Book In Time`s Blog
August 23, 2006, 07:06 PM
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Andrew Sullivan is away, but David Weigel is doing his blogging for him, and, according to the Lonewacko blog, he`s just as bad.

Weigel [Bashing the Buchanan book on the Time Magazine blog] "Have Arizona, California, and the rest of the Southwest become less American or less loyal?" Lonewacko: "Apparently he missed all those Mexican flags when all those hundreds of thousands of foreign citizens were marching in our streets demanding rights to which they aren`t entitled, and all those politicians who act more like Mexican agents than elected U.S. representatives."

Then there`s the usual attack on Peter Brimelow, for not wanting his son to be discriminated against.

This seems to drive people crazy, for some reason. Oh, and a guy who`s posting on

A) Andrew Sullivan`s blog B) Reason`s Hit and Run blog

refer`s to us as "the VDARE.com sanitarium." If you`re not a regular reader of either, you`ll have to take my word for it; that`s funny.

UPDATE: Reader Ryan Kennedy writes from Alaska

From the Time blog:

"Can anyone point me to the border towns where democracy has collapsed, supplanted by Latin American-style caudillos?"

I remember reading somewhere about a small border town in California that had been essentially taken over my Mexicans. A mayor was elected who was previously a mayor in Mexico and he brought all the political practices standard in a Mexican town. That is, he covered for drug operations and intimidated political rivals with violence.

I wish I could find the article......

Good catch. You`re probably thinking of South Gate, California.

See South Gate: Mexico Comes to California By Roger D. McGrath, The American Conservative, May 19, 2003