Scofflaw Trucker Story—Which Photograph Is More Helpful?
September 03, 2012, 09:12 AM
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Here`s a story from Jalopnik, a site about cars:


Police Arrest NYC Truck Driver With $25,000 In Unpaid Tolls

Benjamin Preston

Tolls are a pain in the ass, but they`re also a fact of life,especially in and around New York City. Benjamin McClellan decided that it was better not to pay the tolls required to travel the city`s many bridges and tunnels. Only it wasn`t.

Police arrested McClellan Tuesday when he blew through yet another toll booth without paying. He was also driving on a suspended license — for not paying a traffic ticket, surprise, surprise — and had changed the numbers on his license plate with a few strategically placed pieces of electrical tape.

Losing your license for dumb [stuff] is one thing, but losing your license when you depend upon it for your rent check? That`s a whole new level of stupid.

The Jalopnik story was illustrated with the tollgate photo above, the story they`re linking to has no illustations, but I found the NY Post version of the story. (John Derbyshire insists that it`s the Post that`s the Paper of Record.) Here`s Benjamin McClellan.

Benjamin McClellan , Scofflaw Trucker

Busted big rig cheat used stolen E-ZPass, fake plates to evade $25,000 in tolls: cops

Cops brake tricky trucker


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Now, partly I`m writing this because most truckers named McClellan are Scots-Irish, and the Scots-Irish have been maligned enough. But I`m also wondering if the Jalopnik writer had seen that picture, if he would have been willing to say that the driver had reached "a whole new level of stupid. "

Now here`s Dave Dudley, with "Six Days On The Road,  And I Don`t Have $25,000 In Unpaid Tolls."