TWI`s Weigel on CPAC, a coughing Brimelow, the Sailer Strategy
March 03, 2009, 12:06 AM
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David Weigel gives a straightforward account of the just-concluded Conservative Political Action Conference in The Washington Independent: The Conservatives' Lost Decade, 3/2/09:
Many conservatives who had felt shut out and marginalized in the Bush years felt vindicated by the defeat of 2008. Immigration restrictionists had a large presence at CPAC, bolstered by a new group, Young People for Western Civilization [sic — actually Youth For Western Civilization], and the omnipresent former congressman Tom Tancredo and Team America PAC leader Bay Buchanan. At a launch party Friday night for the group, Tancredo was mobbed for photos as Peter Brimelow, editor of the immigration restrictionist web site, huddled in a corner nursing a cough.

Brimelow, like Tancredo, scoffed at the idea that the Republican comeback would come when the party reached out to Hispanic voters. �Republicans fluctuate between disastrous and catastrophic with the Hispanic vote,� he said. �The problem that Republicans had was that they didn’t turn out the white vote, and they didn’t get as large a share of the white vote as they should have. What reason did McCain give them?�

This, of course, is what we at VDARE.COM call the Sailer Strategy. I hope to write more on CPAC later this week.