This Weekend`s Radio Derb: Biden v. Ryan, Etc.
October 15, 2012, 02:57 AM
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This weekend`s Radio Derb is up and running on Taki`s Magazine and iTunes.

In segment 6 I pass comments on last Thursday`s Vice Presidential debate:

Another week, another debate, this time the Vice-Presidential candidates.

A few weeks ago Radio Derb remarked that this one should be a lot of fun, with flabby gasbag and foot-chomper Joe Biden up against lean, wiry, scrappy, wonked-up-to-the-nose-holes Paul Ryan. A number of people cautioned me on that prognostication. Biden is not as dumb as he looks, they said — a notion I`m receptive to. How could he be as dumb as he looks?

My friends` cautions got me thinking, though. What they mainly got me thinking about was that great 1960s movie The Cincinnati Kid. Did you see that? Steve McQueen as the up-and-coming young poker player, Edward G. Robinson as the seasoned older player he takes on. The moral of the thing is something along the lines: Age and cunning beat youth and enthusiasm. Punch line, from Edward G. Robinson, quote: "You`re good, kid, but as long as I`m around, you`re only second best."

So which would it be: Fresh-faced young Cincinnati Ryan skipping circles around a mumbling, disoriented Joe Biden? Or Edward G. Biden turning over the Jack of Diamonds for a straight flush against a stunned, mortified Ryan?

In the event it was neither . . . .

Listen to Radio Derb for the whole . . . deal.