The Passing Parade on Romney`s 47% comment
September 27, 2012, 02:22 AM
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At The Passing Parade, David, an acerbic commenter on the Scots-Irish culture of his home state of Tennessee, offers an unusual perspective on Mitt Romney`s 47% comment:
Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney isn`t "dog-whistling" about race when he writes off 47% of the American electorate. Blacks are only 12% of the US population, not 47%. Much of the shortfall is white troops, teachers, vets, unemployed, students, retirees. This means Romney is bundling them with the fewer than 12% of people who are crack-dealers etc. who are on welfare. Finally, a Republican who doesn`t see race. 
Perhaps the GOP can stress that in campaign ads. "Lost your job? Received unemployment checks? Chances are, you`re white, but Mitt isn`t racist. He thinks YOU`RE scum, too." 
Such an ad would probably play well in red states such as Tennessee, despite this state`s being a net taker of federal funds and much of its employment`s being government employment. 
Which leads your seldom blogger to his point. Don`t give up yet on Romney`s presidential bid. For American voters are as reliable as Pavlov`s dogs, if certain bells are rung. We all know that "strong defense" works, but "hard work" works even better. "Useless eaters" gives many a disabled vet a tingle. They will climb mountains and swim rivers to get to vote for more outsourcing, fewer government services, and higher taxes on themselves or their families. "I`m not a victim," they will assert even as they take up residence in their American-flag-festooned cars and Mitt goes to China on a junket.
By the way, David has attempted to translate Benjamin Franklin`s crucial but difficult 1751 essay Observations Concerning the Increase of Mankind into 21st Century English here. Seems like it needs a better opening paragraph, but it`s pretty useful after that. I wouldn`t mind seeing side-by-side versions, original and modernized.