The New York Times Has Found An Immigrant It Can`t Stand
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August 20, 2008, 11:03 PM
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The New York Times has found an immigrant it can`t stand. He`s the United States Olympic Archery coach, originally from Korea. What could possibly be wornt with an immigrant that New York Times could not like him? Could he be HIV-positive, sexually perverted, a criminal, an illegal alien, or Communist? No, they`re fine with all that—Kisik Lee is a Christian.[U.S. Archery Coach Fastens Religion to His Sport| For Coach, God and Archery Are a Package Deal, By Katie Thomas, August 19, 2008 ] He`s been known to evangelize, and some of the archers have found Jesus and been baptized. The New York Times can`t stand it. I think they want him to lose his job.
Because of this quasi-public status, the U.S.O.C. has a responsibility to ensure that coaches do not overstep their boundaries when it comes to preaching to athletes, said Richard Lapchick, [email him] the director of the University of Central Florida’s Institute for Diversity and Ethics in Sport. �They have a responsibility to be inclusive and to embrace diversity, and we often think of diversity as a racial or gender thing,� he said. �But religion is definitely a big part of it as well.�
Never mind the archer—tell me why the University of Central Florida has an  Institute for Diversity and Ethics in Sport.

Weird quote from this article: "Christianity is not unusual in archery." That`s America! Christianity is not unusual in America.