The Leaders Of The $PLC`s New Model Army
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April 14, 2013, 05:23 PM
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If you read my article today about the Army and the SPLC, you should know that the full 14-page text of the SPLC-quoting email from Lt. Col. Jack Rich is online, courtesy of the American Family Assocation, one of its targets.[See it here in PDF]

Someone pointed out that the names of the leaders on the distribution list included Jamal, Davon and Lashauna.

That`s one thing, but it also includes Jessica, Elizabeth, Laurain, Brittany, Andrea, and Maranda. What`s the marching song of this unit, Mambo Number 5?

There is only one Hispanic name on the list—perhaps they`re all waiting for amnesty before joining up:

—— Original Message —— From: Rich, Jack L Jr LTC USARMY (US) Sent: Friday, August 10, 2012 10:28 AM To: Chaney, Kenneth S 1SG USARMY (US); Dekaye, Jason M 1SG USARMY (US); Donavant, Christopher G SFC USARMY (US); Fink, Jeremy L 1SG USARMY 101 ABN DIV 4 BCT (US); Jenkins, Jamal R 1SG USARMY (US); Stipkovich, Christopher Scot (Christopher) MSG USARMY 101 ABN DIV 4 BCT (US); Aguigui, Henry J CPT USARMY (US); Conley, Ryan D CPT USARMY (US); Flores, Benjamin R CPT USARMY (US); Greenleaf, Christian D CPT USA RMY (US); Oglesby, Jon V CPT USARMY (US); Richardson, Hengel M CPT USARMY (US); Scharbo, Cory R CPT USARMY (US); Aebischer, Jeffrey D CPT USARMY 101 ABN DIV 4 BCT (US); Barker, Lucas B CPT USARMY (US); Barta, Jeffrey J MAJ USARMY (US); Beal, Chris B MAJ US ARMY (US); Boyer, Brad H CPT USARMY (US); Caddell, Jessica J CPT USARMY (US); Evans, Elizabeth L CPT USARMY (US); Gwinn, Jeremy T MAJ USARMY (US); Hackett, Laurain C 1LT USARMY (US); Jeffries, Teela M 1LT USARMY 101 ABN DIV 4 BCT (US); McInnis, Kent W CPT USARMY (US); Pollak, Maranda C CPT USARMY (US); Robinson, Major E Jr CPT USARMY (US); Tryzbiak, Brittany E 1LT USARMY (US); Barnes, Donyet D SFC USARMY (US); Beverly, Lefonte C MSG USARMY (US); Chahalis, Mitchell T SGT USARMY (US); Czarnikow, Glen A SSG US ARMY (US); Ford, Brandon W SGT USARMY (US); Howard, Andrea L SFC USARMY (US); Jones, Anthony V SGM USARMY (US); McFall, Jaime J SSG USARMY (US); Mitchell, Davon L SSG USARMY (US); Thomas, Lashauna P SFC USARMY (US) Cc: Christian, Lamont CSM USARMY (US)

Subject: Domestic "Hate Groups" (UNCLASSIFIED)

Classification: UNCLASSIFIED Caveats: FOUO Leaders, Many events have been taking place across the country - just want to ensure everyone is somewhat educated on some of the groups out there that do not share our Army Values.[PDF]